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Author Topic: druid crafting!  (Read 2981 times)
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« on: March 15, 2014, 05:52:12 pm »

More crafting for druid:

Fetishes -- druids take their knowledge of totems and carve special amulets from wood, bone or stone. These fetishes are discs with an animal and runes carved into them, strung from strands of leather or natural fiber. They have the same attributes as totems, using the same animals.

Fetish rings and bracelets might be a possibility at higher levels.

How about instead of curses for druids, we work hexes as specialized objects:

Carve effigy -- there's been talk of these before. Here's some more possible effects:

The target takes extra damage from druid spells from the effigy maker, or even from all attacks by the effigy maker.

The effigy link causes damage reflection -- the target takes a modest amount damage every time they harm the effigy maker.

Maybe at high levels, they can make an effigy that wracks a target with pain when they attempt to attack the effigy maker, causing a demoralizing, turn undead-like effect.

Talisman -- These carved wooden or bone rods give whoever holds them bonuses against specific types of magical mobs (probably using a permanent, undispellable spell effect), probably in the form of additional damage or added ac against their attacks, or both.

The different talismans require a small amount of a specific metal to be incorporated into their structure. Note this doesn't imply any sort of metal working, the metal is simply inserted into a carved groove on the talisman and sealed in with resin or clay.

Copper - race giant, troll and ogre

Iron - race fairy, elf, drow, halfelf, goblin and gnome

Silver - demons, race vampire and lycanthrope

Gold - race dragon, evil dragon and good dragon

Platinum - angels?

These could possibly need captured sunlight to activate?

This gives druids the ability to make spellstaffs, totems, fetishes, effigies and talismans. Throw in carve club and we've got quite an assortment. Throw a functioning skinning/tanning combo and we've got a complete eq set.

You can probably use the same vnum for totems and fetishes.
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