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Title: Client 0.979 Changelog
Post by: Dentin on May 11, 2009, 03:58:46 pm
This is a belated changelog for the 0.979 client release, just for posterity.

- Add walking via number keypad.  Toggleable using 'preferences' menu.

- Clear scroll lock when a button is clicked.

- Add 'local echo' option under 'preferences' menu.

- Help message when you disconnect/are disconnected is now highlighted.

- Prevent beeping for additional key combinations.

- Add mousewheel support.

- The 'quit' dialog buttons have been changed from 'Quit' to 'Exit Program' instead.

- Command queue cleared when you're disconnected, so your next connect attempt doesnt immediately error out at the name prompt.

- The '//clear' command now clears scrollback, like the menu.

- The 'clear' command in game now works.  It sends two screens full of blank lines, so you don't lose your scrollback.

- Mapping colors tweaked to better show towns and cities.

- Default ansi colors tweaked a bit to get more color saturation.

- Ansi color palette options added for ZMud style colors and bright colors.

- When you start fighting, the area map will display 'Combat!' instead of the area name.

- A new "Left Side Layout" option has been added under preferences.  This moves the buttons and automap to the left side of the screen, where it's closer to the various text windows.