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Title: Client version 0.982 released!
Post by: Dentin on October 11, 2009, 06:56:01 pm
After a lot of hard work, intermediate releases, bug reports and beta testing, the latest version of the Alter Aeon game client is now available!  It's only been about a month since the last release, but the number of updates and new features is pretty impressive.  You can snag a copy of it here:

Here's some of the major things that have been updated:

 - Grouping status bars added.
 - A new version of 'left hand layout' is now available.
 - Added basic support for color themes and backgrounds.
 - Side buttons now use the same color scheme and format as popup and function key buttons.
 - (For builders) 'connect' command allows connecting to arbitrary ports.
 - Redraw flicker reduced in popup windows.
 - Add support for GMUD color scheme.
 - Smoother scrolling for the automap.

In addition, there's been a pile of minor bug fixes, as well as a lot of work to clean up and improve the interface.  You might also notice things like removal of scrollbars and word wrap on popup windows that don't need them, fewer buttons to be confusing for newbies, and improvements in the input text bar.  
The basic theme support and the overall interface cleanup should help us a lot with new players.  The first 30 seconds of pretty buys you the next 30 seconds, etc.  It seems to take forever, but incremental improvements do really add up over time.

You can take a look at the 091011 images in the directory to get a rough idea of what the new interface can do.

We have a lot more features scheduled for the next release.  Stay tuned!