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Title: DClient version 0.983 released!
Post by: Dentin on December 04, 2009, 07:31:27 pm
This is primarily a bugfix and cleanup release.  No major features have been added, but a lot of work has gone on under the covers to get ready for some big changes in the future.  The changes in this release are:

- The center direction/scan button now does a customized scan/look.
- Function key presses now release scroll lock.
- The 'you are here' diamond in the automap is now thicker.
- Add 'mini status bar' menu option to allow hpbar above input window.
- Minor updates to group status bar look.
- The vote menu can now be updated from the server.
- Added 'check for updates' option under 'help' menu.
- Minor improvements to url clicking in the main window.
- Improve road and trail display in the automap.
- More fixes to 'disappearing text' bug in input window.

There's also been a number of minor 'look and feel' improvements that should add a bit of polish and give the client a more natural feel.  You can download a copy from: (

Please report any outstanding bugs or issues to Dentin.  Thanks!