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Title: Druid skill trees - pass 2
Post by: Dentin on July 27, 2013, 10:36:23 pm
Here's an updated draft version of the druid spell and skill trees.  I've moved some things around, and one major problem (or at least a major difference from other classes) is the gigantic rune magic block.  That piece definitely needs a lot of work, and I don't know if I'll split it into pieces or not.

14 rune magic (fairly solid)
.   runecarving - allows rune carving onto wood or bone
.     spellstaff -> woodrunes or carve totem, dependent on woodcarving, allows storing of druid spells in wooden staffs, cudgels, clubs and rods

.     carve effigy - creates object, effigy of a mob, used to greatly enhance cast druid and cleric curses
                     link effigies by blood.  you create one, but in order to make it active, you have to finish
                     it using a drop of your blood.  Then you and the target are linked for your curses
        scrimshaw - rune carvings on bone or ivory - requires piercing tip, not blade like carving
                    scrimshawing onto necro bone items using sunlight, starlight, or moonlight could add more to them in the absence of soulbind
                    scrimshaw onto any bone item to permanently improve stats (crafting) up to composite say +10 or something
                    scrimshaw directly onto bone guardian/skeletal minion, "You slowly carve a complex rune on the skull of a skeletal mage"

      warding runes - protect rooms/raise regen, powered by various collected light

.     runic tattoo (temporary on people, one at a time only), dont conflict with war paints
        blood runes - cut with a knife, heal instantly when they expire, no idea what they do yet
        sundrinker - regen that only works in sunlight?

.     collect sunlight  - produces light flagged bottle, must be in inventory to use, cannot be darkened
.       sunlight room - uses stored sunlight, can break shadow bind and shadow skills, kill vanishing mobs
.         solar flare - use a sunlight bottle to do damage attacks
.       liveoak - sunlight powered rune that converts tree into treant guardian (minion)
.       fire runes - adds fire save and absorb to equipment

.       collect moonlight - moonbeam/nonorm ice damage
.         ice runes - adds cold save and absorb to equipment

.         collect starlight - hp wastelands of time collecting starlight in runed bottles
.           lightning runes - adds zap save and absorb to equipment
.           stone golem - minion created by starlight - cant do while in melee combat

9 weather control (fairly solid)
.   control weather                  8 - control weather water/cold/hot/clear/storm
.     open the heavens                 - break cloud cover and kill bad weather via brute force for a short time, probably event handler recharge
.     call thunder                     - area fear effects
.       call lightning                 - hits current melee target, "you feel the charge of a lightning strike building, and direct it at %1!"
      impenetrable fog              12 - duration spell which reduces visibility, foundation for ice fog/blizzard/etc
.       ice fog                     15 - foundation for blizzard and freezing rain (rename to hoarfrost?)
          hoarfrost                    - like the bleach weather control spell used on arrancar #3
.         blizzard                  28 - cooldowns based on available moisture
.           freezing rain              - druid version of ice imprison, heh
.           hailstone                  - very localized, has startup timer and cooldown based on available moisture
.             hailstorm                - cooldowns based on available moisture

9 air (fairly solid)
.   gust of wind spell - good vs flying and "air" types
.     tempest - area affect breath damage - cast repeatedly to build up room wind to a high level, when high enough can tornado
.       hurricane/whirlwind/cyclone/tornado - pick mobs up and prevent melee attacks while also doing damage
.     still air - breathsave shield/spell
.       windbreaker - room based, localized global filter against all breath dtypes in room (not just breath weapons)
.         sunflower - first attempt at solar focusing, produces roving beams of sunlight that do area damage over time, like chain
.           sunstorm - lens focusing
.             bloodmoon - lens focusing, buffs roots/creepers other druid/animal spells, causes minions to go berserk in combat
.           eclipse - inverse lens focusing, throws room into twilight, counters sunstorm and sunflower, fear and panic in animals and morale hit for enemies

8 plants (fairly solid)
.   foraging
.     plant lore - shows what can be foraged in a given area, allows herb foraging
.     fire seeds - acorns and berries become grenades
.     create food                               14 cle
        mushroom farm (obscure) - area mushrooms
.       entangling roots                        24 cle - all roots spells sunlight powered, terrain limited?
.         blackberry bramble                           - spiked entangling style attacker
.         poison creeper                               - poisonous version
.         vampiric creeper                             - life stealing/mana stealing entangling roots
          rising forest, area entangle and separation

8 animal (fairly solid)
.   calm animal - drops aggression on creature
.     spook - animal specific fear
.     animal magnetism/charisma - raises chr around animals
.     animal lore                               12 cle
.       know territory - color flag detection outdoors - "this looks like the edge of something's territory"
.       tame animal
.         call animal - stag (elk, deer, gazelle?), wolf (coyote, wolf), cat (bobcat, lynx, panther), bear (black, brown, grizzly)
                        allow calling of sharks and water critters too if in ocean, catfish for regular water, alligator for swamp?
.           nightwing - call a bat/raven and see through it's eyes, move around similar to free spirit (in puppet form, not possess form?)

7 favor of the fae (druid hexes) (fairly solid)
.   fairie fire
.     fairy fog
.     witchlight
.     apathy
.     famine
.     blight, kills plants and lowers foraging in a room
.     mortal fear (spook) - adds superwimp flag for a while

4 poultices (fairly solid) - created from packs of herbs
.   poultice of healing - regeneration
.     poultice of draw poison - druid version of remove poison, time delay event handler
      poultice of foulblood (?)
.     reeking poultice - negative charisma
.     cover scent - +1 charisma, +1 additional animal charisma

3 druid brew thingies (unnamed) (weak)
    brew salve - a thick healing/unpoison brew that also kills barkskin and possibly stoneskin, apply topically only - WARNING USELESS
      delay or stop poison - temporarily stop poison downtick and cut damage by factor of four - use the word "venom", make it a poultice?
.     barkskin brew - lower level/easier saving norm, possibly cold and breath resistant - note - need to make stone skin not stack saving norm
.     defoliate - brewed, empty room causes nosun forest rooms to become sun-enabled/open sky for a while
.     the hpmor acorn spell - continuous lightning flash style blindness including lighting up nearby 1-2 rooms in every direction

7 earth (very weak)
.   expose spring/create water                            19 cle
.   swampfoot - gives solid footing on mud/swamp move cost reduction
.   earth wall - druid shadow decoy, takes a couple hits before crumbling
.   earthquake - make very size dependent, if not already
.     shambling mound - tank minion without movement, must be summoned on the spot and vanishes quickly afterward
.     squeaky floors                            19 cle (obscure?)
.     earth to mud - temp changes room type to swamp, event handler to lag/slow everything in room
      earth elemental
      stone elemental/stone fists?
      stone skin
      fists of stone - fists rise up out of the ground to do damage or something.  This would look stupid if it happened 38 times in a row

3 insects (very weak)
.   insect beacon/parasitic rider - like a high tech locater bug, allows you to track creatures once you plant it on them
.   black widow - poison damage, perhaps like bloodmist
.   insect plague
    parasite sounds cool and would give us evil druids

survival skills (weak)
.   mountaineering
.   forest nav
.   butchering
.   fishing
.   skinning
    tanning - simple sort of thing that takes hides and turns it into the various 'fingerwear made of hide' objects

5 change form (weak)
.   sense life                                10 cle
.     equine endurance/longstrider - move regen intro transform spell
.       bear strength - intro transform spell
.         fox dexterity - next tranform spell
.         cats eye - infravision/extended sight?
          feral mind
            beast claws
              werewolf?  heh

    dark offering
    snowblind - probably dont need anymore icy weather spells
    rainbow totem/sign/miracle, group morale booster augury?
    tidal wave - for use in/under water
    whirlpool - for use in/under water

Title: Re: Druid skill trees - pass 2
Post by: xera on July 28, 2013, 03:56:09 pm
There is an opportunity with the druid class to create a true pet system, a semi-permanent minion that doesn't die on reboot/logoff, as well as gaining experience and levels with the player.  Pet would have to be maintained to be kept loyal i.e by feeding it, different creatures could have different diets.  The initial taming and catching of the animal could be tricky and time consuming depending on the animal in question and may require specialist equipment.  Not suggesting this for initial release rather as something to consider for the future.

Title: Re: Druid skill trees - pass 2
Post by: xera on July 28, 2013, 03:57:54 pm
With wind attacks maybe an additional throw affect that sends mobs backwards into other rooms (crowd control spell similar to roar).  Hurricane could maybe have a dynamic version that picks up mobs and then moves randomly between rooms before dissipating and dropping it's targets.  how many mobs it could pick up and how long it stayed active before dissipating would be dependant on spell level, no of mobs, mob level, size, str etc

Title: Re: Druid skill trees - pass 2
Post by: sneak on July 29, 2013, 05:54:29 am
As for the epic sounding air breath attacks, they should either one, not affect players/mobs that are wrapped about with the roots, or  2, roots should be ripped away with any of the air attacks.  Also, is there some reason why this stuff doesn't affect the druid themselves? I guess if it behaved like shard storm, but being able to control a tempest, or a tornado sounds like it would take a ton of control. Perhaps to balance it out you have to release all minions or something to be able to cast it. The shape shifting sounds interesting. Perhaps be able to cast it on pets/players or mobs. Have them deal biting damage or an advance affect like berserk. Doesn't have to be only positive bonuses for some of these. For fox maybe extra stealth or automatic hide status for walking around. Like stealthy sept without the lag or something. While in this state using any type of equipment is a nono, as well as communications with other non- shapeshifted humans. I guess it would make more sense if the player didn't actually shape shift as that'd make a lot of confusion as for where the eq goes and where the muscles/skin went when they changed. Maybe it is just a mind set or something.

Title: Re: Druid skill trees - pass 2
Post by: almaric on July 30, 2013, 05:55:46 pm
what about a skill which would make most plants make not aggro on you? like a deadwalker for plants. should be super high level, e.g. 33 to 36.
another idea for an offensive, lowlevel druid area spell is poison fog, which would remain in the air for a tick, doing constandly slightly poison damage. could be dispelled like darken.
idea for a high-level area lightning spell like thunderstorm, which would hit the mobs and has a slightly chance of fearing them away. would make more damage on bigger mobs.

question to the rune-skills. would they be permanent or wear off at some time?
- alma

Title: Re: Druid skill trees - pass 2
Post by: Draak on July 31, 2013, 04:35:38 pm
This is Shadowfax posing as Draak 'cuz I'm too lazy to make my own account.  Also I'm kind of advocating for him, so...

Use of druid spells should depend on three things:

1.  Weather.  Certain druid spells should work best during the correct weather conditions.  Druids can
nudge the local weather in a certain direction by using 'control weather'.

1.  Time of day.  Certain spells should only work during the day or at night.  A druid can manipulate
the local time of day (or more correctly, filter sunlight or magnify starlight) using the appropiate

3.  Terrain.  Certain spells should work in appropiate locales.  The rudimentary basic of this concept
already exists with select mage spells (fireweb cannot be cast underwater, wall of ice cannot be cast
in swamp terrain, etc.)

I very much like the idea of druids drawing upon the natural elements of the world (unlike mages,
who summon material from faraway planes).  The four classic elements form the basis of all natural
matter that a druid has to work with: air (sky), water, earth, and fire (sun).

I'd combine 'weather control' and 'air, 'plants', 'brewing' and 'poultices', and 'animals' and
'insects', and create a new group called 'sun', leaving nine solid skill/spell trees.


Seperate runecarving from light-based skills.  They're two different things.  Put the solar skills in
the 'sun' group (see below).

'Runecarving' should let a druid scrawl magic runes in the dirt or on trees, a relatively simple
task.  More advanced rune magic would be based on this ability.  I love the idea of scrimshaw for
bones/ivory.  Consider adding totems for wood or glyphs for stone.

I agree with Draak's suggestion that bones should be a biproduct of butchering.  Unlike harvesting
organs, harvesting bones from a corpse requires no special finesse.

Instead of being a "poor man's store", 'spellstaff' can discharge its spell like a staff instead of
like a wand.  It would have a short timer and other limitations, such as perhaps a level cap.  This
spell would be dependent on:

Shillelagh - Carve magic runes on a piece of gathered wood, turning it into a magic pound weapon.  Gives
low level druids easy access to a magic weapon comparable to spirit hammer.


Pull water/ice spells from fog spells and up and put them in 'water', since these consume room humidity
and are therefore water spells.  It couldn't hurt to thin them out a little, too, since they are all

Aerial servant - Summons an air spirit to serve as a minion.  Of the druid minions, it should be the
probably be the weakest, because air is plentiful and it can be summoned virtually anywhere, except
underwater.  Does breath damage.


control weather
  call thunder
    call lightning
  gust of wind
    aerial servant
      still air

However, if you are bound and determined to keep 'control weather' and 'air' seperate groups, please
see the 'water' below.


Some of the water spells are limited to a watery terrain, but a druid who invests the time into
learning them will be king of the sea.  Other water spells consume a room's humidity.  Ice spells might
require that the druid use 'control weather' to drop the temperature below freezing first.

'Create water' should deal damage to FIRE type mobs and put out the flames of a fireweb spell.

If you don't like the idea of re-doing the 'control weather' group, consider adding the following
spells to 'tidal wave', 'flood', and 'whirlpool' to make a respectable water group:

Waterwalk - Gives you a BOAT flag for the duration.

Dehydrate - Vaporizes the water in living (anything with blood) and WATER type mobs, damaging them.

Water weird - Moderate strength druid minion.  May be limited to water/ocean rooms or consume
room humidity to stay alive or heal itself.  Summoned water spirit from magic well created by
'create water'.


  create water
    tidal wave
      water weird


I like Draak's idea of calling earth minions 'simulacrums' to distinguish from other minion type
mobs.  (This is an idea that Draak and I already use for murlock geomancers, who are essentially
earth druids.  The minions have the physical form of their creator, and are therefore simulacrums.)  I'd
make 'earthquake' dependent on 'squeaky floors'.  'Stone skin' could go here, and 'diffraction' could
take its place in the mage spell list.

I agree with Draak in that 'swampfoot' should go to survival skills.  'Earth to mud' could mire
enemies on terrestial rooms and perhaps do damage to EARTH type mobs.

Stone coffin - Crystal imprison for druids.  Dirt, sand, or stone rises up to entrap the
target.  Naturally doesn't work where earth isn't available, like air or water rooms.  Alternative or
substitute for 'freezing rain'.


Fire has its basis in the concept that the sun is the source of druidic fire magic.  Consider creating
a sun group and putting solar based magic here.  My idea is that solar focusing is not the same as
controlling the weather.

'Corona', 'rainbow aura', and 'solar flare' goes here, along with 'sunflower' and subsequent
spells.  Make them dependent on:

Ignition/Combustion/Kindle/Inflame - Kind of like when you fried ants using a magnifying glass when
you were a kid.  Naturally, it needs sunlight to work.

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE 'solar flare'!  It should work exactly like it does in Dragonball!

Other spell ideas:

Pyrotechnics - Use fire created by firestarting to attack foes.

Hearth spirit - Turn fire created by firestarting into a druid minion.

So fire tree might look like this:


  hearth spirit
    rainbow aura
    solar flare


Fold 'brewing' into plants.  Call brewing 'herbal lore', and let druids be able to brew teas with
herbs in a liquid container and heat it using the fire created by 'firestarting'.

'Poultices' go here and can counter/prevent diseases (see below).

'Liveoak' probably goes here.  Using this spell depletes a rooms's firewood register.

We don't need so many versions of 'entangling roots', methinks.

Hold plant/antiplant shell - Hold plants like 'hold undead', 'antiplant shell' keeps PLANT type mobs
at bay like turn or cloak of fear...or maybe a skill that lets druid turn plants like clerics turn

Growth - Replenishes a room's forage and firewood registers.  Undos 'defoliate'.  Can be targeted on
plant minions to heal them.  Perhaps call it 'photosynthesis' and make it sunlight dependent.

Extract poison - Removes poison from target and puts it in a liquid container that the druid can use.


Pretty solid.  'Hunting' and 'call animal' should both deplete a room's "game" register, making a
random terrain-appropiate mob appear in the room.  The difference between an animal called and one
flushed out by hunting is that the former is charmed.  These could use food as bait, and maybe even go
so far as to make plant type food attract herbivores and meat type food attract carnivores.  (Other
types are "people food".)

Actually, it's possible to bypass 'call animal' entirely and simply require that a druid use the
hunting skill to find an animal and then use 'charm animal' to "call" it.

BTW 'charm animal' should also require bait.


I'd call them ranger skills.


I know "hex" is a cool word and all, but there's really little difference between a curse and a
hex.  I think making diseases part of the druid's arsenal would be much more in keeping with his
role as as agent of nature, since diseases occur naturally.  Constitution would play a big role in
resisting and curing diseases.

Diseases could be communicable, thus further distinguishing them from curses and other debuffs, with
perhaps a "buff" spell for this group being an "infestation" and mobs that strike an infested druid
become diseased themselves.  That would be awesome.

Inoculation/immunization - Resistance to disease.

Cure disease - Could be a cleric spell.


Instead of making each of the shapechange spells able to be simultaneous, why not have the druid gain
animal forms and emulate one at a time?  Each form could help the druid fulfill a group or cross-class
role.  Druids would transform into a bipedal, hybrid form of the emulated animal, appearing much like
a lycanthrope.

(Indeed, in the world of Alter Aeon, lycanthropy could be the result of druidic magic and may have
evolved into a druidic disease.  "Natural" lycanthropes could be the result of druids mating while
shapechanged mayhaps.)

Shapechange can be a skill which continually drains mana until ended or the druid runs out of mana.  It
might only work at night.  Shapechanged druids could eat corpses to regain hp.  While shapechanged, the
druid may suffer some limitations, like losing the ability to cast spells.

spider form (fast travel: move regen, autoclimb, poison bite)
  raven form (exploration form: flight, extended sight)
  shark form (oceanic form: waterbreathing, bite combat)
  rat form (thief form: hide boost, dodge boost, dex boost)
    wolf form (offensive warrior form: attack bonus, bite/claw combat)
    tiger form (thief/warrior mix: sneak boost, bite/claw combat)
      bear form (defensive warrior: hp/defense, bite/claw)

Title: Re: Druid skill trees - pass 2
Post by: Draak on August 02, 2013, 04:31:46 am
Shadowfax: don't use my forum account ever again, you lazy h4XX0R.

I can see you are having some inspirational problems with the earth tree, Dentin.

Why don't you rename it (in your head, at least) to "geothermal" or "tectonics" and see how that influences your thoughts on it?

Perhaps the mud could have a geothermal system in addition to a weather system. It could even influence the weather in small ways. Rooms could have a geothermal registry like they do mana and humidity.

Shadowfax: if we were going to go with classical elements, let's go with sylphs, salamanders and undines in addition to earth simulacrums.

Title: Re: Druid skill trees - pass 2
Post by: Draak on August 02, 2013, 11:35:59 pm
On the vampiric creeper, blackberry brambles and poison creeper -> Change to vampiric vines and poison ivy.

Instead of making them clones of entangling roots with special effects, imagine the druid throwing a seed at the target, and it bursts into a tangle of vines all over the target's body. Instead of being rooted in place, they have the vines all over their bodies lightly restricting them. In addition to light restricting, the vampiric vine drains mana and health, while poison ivy inflicts the target with the itching skin poison effect.

Blackberry brambles would be easier to break free from than entangling roots, but causes more physical damage.

petroglyph skill to carve runes into stone and crystal.

If you know carve effigy and scrimshaw, you can carve bone effigies. Instead of enhancing curses, they add +1 castlevel bonus to necromancer spells you cast on the target.

If you know carve effigy and petroglyph, you can carve stone and crystal effigies. Stone effigies add +1 druid castlevel, while crystal effigies add +1 mage castlevel.

Runic tattoo could allow runes to be added to leather objects, such as those made by tanning, rather than on living targets. Blood runes would then work on living targets.