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1  General Category / Future Directions / future directions for tactics on: January 06, 2017, 12:31:07 am
Hi everyone, It's good to be back after such a long break.
I wanted to just throw an Idea out there about the tactics tree for warrior for down the road

Special Tactics: part of the tactics tree, you can find special combinations of moves, some cross class even that when completed, created a single move or special. Some may rely on specific weapons or equipment to be created or more effective, such as armor items with damage, or shield/wield combinations. The special could be found through using the combinations, and not necessarily be a strict representation of them. Such as learning a headbutt special from charge/bash/knockback just as an example. What may set the special apart from regularly trained skills is that, like tactic combinations, still may have several steps to it that inflict damage. The downside for some of them may be that you have to wait until the special is complete before you can retreat. The benefit being a more condensed attack than a completed tactic, meaning more damage/time. After the special is found, it would need to be trained and improved, perhaps just by use, or with the aid of a trainer and the use of combat points. the special would then be a part of the tactics tree.

another thought is including magic in the mix - spells like shard storm, harm, turn, or lightning for example that are combined with the special. This may require changes to cross class tactics, or another branch from cross class tactics.

What do you think?

2  General Category / Future Directions / Dragon Breath and your shield on: February 08, 2014, 06:35:38 pm
Hi all, I've been absent for a while, and come back to find all these new skills and changes! It's been a lot of fun - and being a warrior i've been able to try out the new dragon breath skill. It's a fairly small suggestion, but it would be nice to have the ability to flag one special shield to carry in your inventory (on your shoulder) and have it stay there no matter what. Perhaps the lance check command would activate the inventory slot, or it could be permanent. Anyway, that's it, something of that nature would be really neat, thanks!
3  General Category / Future Directions / Future Druid ish ness on: April 30, 2011, 09:46:49 am
Had some thoughts on druid spells


saturate - a low level spell that drenches your enemy in water, making them heavier and cold.

rip current - while in water(maybe), causes a flow of water in a designated direction moving enemies away from the caster. Works in the opposite manner as lightning flash.

hydro shift - displaces a volume of water with breathable air while submerged.

surge - the caster creates and sends a rolling surge of water at it's opponent. acts as a combination of a damage spell and trip.

hydro column - raises a column-like vortex of water, temporarily drowning and disorientating enemy with some damage.  and/or
hydro sphere - draws water from all nearby sources, encapsulating your enemy in a turbulent sphere of water.

-either spell could have effects such as: drowning, leth-like affects, reducing damage taken (enemy), reducing ability to cause damage, confusion-like affects, minor to medium damage. With the right saves and spells it could be used as a defensive tank spell as well as offensive. Could be used in conjunction with controlling weather/sky tree - making it rain.

hydro vortex - creates a vortex of water surrounding the room you're in. Works similar to ice wall except blocks every direction. Can also be used for trapping wimpy mobs, or for mobs that want to kick your ass.

hydro smash - the caster concentrates to forcibly bring two bodies of water together on an opponent. Room damage operates similar to cone of cold. Slower casting rate, higher damage, stun effects.


Turbulence - similar to earthquake but for flying mobs. light-ish damage. drain on mv and/or decreased agility. small but constant drain on mana.


hurling stones - a low level spell where the caster hurls individual stones from the ground at their enemy.


camouflage - create stealthy bonus clothing (for inventory 1 slot) from your environment. (only works in similar rooms to where you got it from)

fiber, stone, gem, metal harvest tree - the ability to harvest fibers and other materials to build clothing, armor, weapons etc. used in conjunction with enchant armor and enchant weapon to give additional attributes.

4  General Category / Client Improvements / the red flash on: April 30, 2011, 08:23:35 am
The red flash seems a bit overwhelming for "that really hurt!" situations. It's not really that big of deal because it doesn't happen all that often - although if there were a way to make just the hp bar section flash it could give you enough of an alert without being overwhelming. Just a thought. Love the new changes.
5  General Category / Smuggler's Cove / old eq on: April 09, 2010, 01:31:22 am
Hey all, i'd like to pass on some of the older collectables i've acquired. go to to check out some of the stuff i've got and mudmail me if interested.
6  General Category / Future Directions / Alchemist guild brew books? on: September 04, 2009, 10:27:54 pm
It would be pretty neat to receive your own 'recipe book' (always accessible rather than an item) after earning entrance to the alchemist guild. Like the submit keyword, you could add helpful brews to your book and always have them with you. Those of us who log in to random computers could always have our plethora of brews handy.

It would also be extremely user friendly to add a feature to the storage locker for spellcomps/brews. I can't emphasize enough how frustrating it is to have a locker, yet get lost and spammed to death when I enter or search it. The same goes for building materials as well actually. You could also be given a complementary bag of components on entering the guild which when put in your locker could be accessed without entering your locker, and taken out for fast adding or removing of comps. storage list <components> or something..
7  General Category / Future Directions / Re: Class Discussion 01 - Class Balance on: September 04, 2009, 09:40:11 pm
cleric ideas -

a water elemental group.

water protective spell for group cast - limits offensive spell use, but allows groups to travel with defense bonuses and lagged/prevented attacks from hostile mobs (as long as spell is draining mana) or high mana use spell.  <Would give a substantial roll for clerics exploring and grouping>

a water spell that acts as a group or single shield (vortex of water) protects casters, healers etc... makes some spells less effective, fire etc. makes some spells more effective, cone etc. slow damage to aggro enemies.

an offensive water spell that drowns enemies under certain conditions, a little physical damage - good spell in combo with fighting for the cleric warriors


Bless food/water - adds beneficial effects to food items and/or water - amount of benefit could depend on player level and food level. random effects, or perhaps just healing spell group. Poor casters would create adverse effects - harm spell group. Could be for personal use only.


Construct Shelter - nosave enterable magical saferoom that can be attacked and take damage but eventually destroyed while inside regening.


blessed armor - certain pieces of equipment (probably blanks, or mid to low ac) could be blessed with added hit roll and random attachments.

creature summoning - summon creatures with specific capabilities to aid you in battle or healing tasks <only one or two at a time>

8  General Category / Future Directions / Review Battle? on: September 04, 2009, 08:44:46 pm
Was thinking it might be neat to have a brag battle command that shows total damages dealt per player in the last battle - a sort of post battle summary. Might be useful in comparing weapon effectiveness, or spell effectiveness, or just fun to boast how much ass you kicked. Anyone interested? -Peko
9  General Category / Smuggler's Cove / Spellcomps on: March 09, 2009, 04:33:13 pm
I'm looking for spellcomps in the level 100ish range, that are relatively easy to get. I'm offering 50k for directions on how to get the comps, or send me a tell and we might be able to work something else out.
10  General Category / Smuggler's Cove / Looking for eq on: March 08, 2009, 01:06:51 am
Looking for oldstyle gauntlets of striking with -CA, would pay gold or cash.
11  General Category / Future Directions / Re: Incoming Warrior Skills on: March 05, 2009, 08:23:27 pm
I was also thinking about the 'deep sleep' skill, in combination of the way 'watchful eye' would help, and was wondering about a precursor skill to deep sleep, called meditation - which could be like resting, but more effective. The regeneration bonus would depend on your class level.. higher level thief/warrior skill would add bonus to hp regeneration in regards to the ratio of hps gained during leveling (Warrior gaining slightly more hps than the Thief class) - where in the same manner, mage and cleric classes would have increased mana regen (Clerics having a slight hps regen bonus as well). It would be a general level skill, probably preceding deep sleep for warriors - it could be automatic, using the same commands as resting, or maybe lag time for entering/exiting similar to deep sleep could make it separate. It would have the same response from mobs as the 'rest' mode. All these new ideas for warrior are getting me thinking, any thoughts?
12  General Category / Future Directions / Re: Incoming Warrior Skills on: March 05, 2009, 07:13:32 pm
Well, It seems strange to me that your MV would decrease when riding something.. I mean, when you're riding a horse it's a lot easier to go 10 miles than if you'd walked.. It does also seem that damage increases would occur, because you're using the velocity of the creature with spears and lances etc.. Maybe you just can't zerk or tank while riding something? Mv could be based more on the animal your riding than your own? Perhaps the creatures mv would be effected by its size/strength and your weight? It could also effect the creatures dexterity, and susceptibility towards taking hits?

Maybe you've had suggestions for skills like this before but..
I was just thinking of a warrior skill called Precision - An automatic skill - where during battle, similar to a freak stab, there would be a chance to do extra damage. The chance and damage would rely on the advancement of the skill. It could be trained once, but perhaps only experience in battle could increase your skill level. I can see it being either a low level skill that takes a characters life time to build up, or perhaps a high level 32/33 skill that doesn't take quite as long to learn. perhaps there's a better way to describe a warriors precision in the game, but I like the idea of a skill that reflects a sort of warrior "instinct" or subconscious knowledge about the opponents vulnerabilities in hand to hand combat. Any thoughts?
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