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1  General Category / Smuggler's Cove / List of Characters for Sale on: May 02, 2012, 07:59:08 pm
Message / mudmail Evra in game if you're interested in any characters.

Tot 79 Cleric/Mage.
Your levels are:  Ma 22  Cl 29  Th 12  Wa 16  Nc 0
You have 20/20 str, 25/25 int, 28/25 wis, 12/12 dex, 22/22 con, and 13/13 chr.
You have spent   135281600 experience points so far.

Tot 79 Warrior/Thief (main classes tied at 22, followed closely by cleric at 20)
Your levels are:  Ma 15  Cl 20  Th 22  Wa 22  Nc 3
You have 25/25 str, 18/18 int, 19/19 wis, 25/25 dex, 18/18 con, and 13/13 chr.
You have spent   178281600 experience points so far.
Practices:          16

Tot 96 Thief/Mage.
Your levels are:  Ma 27  Cl 22  Th 30  Wa 17  Nc 1
Str: 25  Int: 23  Wis: 21  Dex: 21  Con: 25  Chr: 7
You have spent   545281600 experience points so far.
Practices:           5
2  General Category / The Oracle / Maxing stats while leveling vs learning skills on: March 29, 2012, 11:57:11 pm
I know in the past people considered maxing strength, con, int and wis before anything else (such as learning skills or spells) very important because it made your character have higher hp/mana/move in the end.  I believe you've commented on this not too long ago, saying that you prefer to learn skills often.

Is this still the case? 

How much different will final hp/mana/movement be for a character that spends a vast majority of their practices on stats, vs a character that learns skills every level?
3  General Category / The Oracle / Experience Mechanics on: March 14, 2012, 04:22:52 am
Is it true that remaining in one area too long can lower experience gained through through kills or spells/skills?  If this is true, how often should players change areas?

I understand that spells/skills have diminishing returns on experience. Is there an optimal time to wait before REusing a skill for xp purposes?  Any recommendations for what to do while you wait for the experience to reset?

What are the best ways for mid-high level characters to gain experience, and are there any big mistakes that are commonly made by players?
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