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1  General Category / Future Directions / Re: Dentin: strengthening the newbie starting experience on: July 28, 2014, 04:00:46 pm
You might need both hands free to double throw.  It could still be useful for hitting thieves if it carries the same lag as a single throw.  Gogo double shadow blades!
2  General Category / Building and Construction / Re: iact with sound on: July 28, 2014, 03:52:07 pm
It would be useful to randomize the amount of time for each pause between sound sends, lest it gain an unnatural rhythm.  Something like:

rset inter 0
pause 20
areasound dproc/ambient_cave1
areasend The sound of dripping water echoes through the cave.
goto chooser@

rset inter chooser
if rnd < 33 goto 1
if rnd < 33 goto 2
if rnd < 33 goto 3
goto chooser@

rset inter 1
pause 60
goto 0@

rset inter 2
pause 80
goto 0@

rset inter 3
pause 100
goto 0@
3  General Category / Future Directions / Re: Druid skill trees - pass 4 on: November 13, 2013, 07:55:32 am
A big, big issue being considered is whether to have mage alteration spells move to druid.  If you're
still on the fence about this one, Dentin, allow me to cast my vote:

No.  Duplication is the solution here (for the most part), and here's why:

1. Game balance.  As more classes are added to the mix and the playerbase becomes increasing diverse,
it is important that additional classes gain the ability to access commonplace skill and spell
abilities so that certain class combinations are completely cut out of the picture.  A player might
end up with mage as their fifth or sixth class, thus losing out of the many opportunties utility mage
spells have to offer.

2. Versimilitude.  Some skill and spell options are incredibly useful, and different schools, academies,
cadres or organizations within and without the world of Alter Aeon will have ensured that their
particular disciplines (and the students who practice them) would have access to those abilities if

3. Variety.  I can remember the days when mages and clerics actually shared a lot of the same spells,
and I would agree that dividing them up helped to clearly define class roles and build identities for
the different classes.  The skills and spells of different classes need not be (and should not be)
carbon copies of one another to work.  Consider 'overconfidence' vs. 'valor', or 'shadow bind' vs.
'entangling roots', or even 'flamestrike' vs. 'fireball' as examples.  Both can accomplish the same
primary function while retaining their distinct class flavor.

Noteworthy game functions that should remain universal:

Locomotion: 'fly', 'water breathing', 'climbing'.  These are BIG issues, because without them
you are completely cut off from entire areas.  'Fly' can be cast on others, but 'water breathing'
cannot.  While 'swimming' is an excellent substitute for 'water breathing' in a pinch, if druids are
going to shapechange they should be able to emulate a water breathing creature.  Likewise, I could
totally see a druid emulating a bird in order to fly.

Attribute booster: 'strength', 'dexterity', 'presence'.  Druids would probably lean toward the physical
attributes.  I see the change form group as the druid's pathway for melee combat.  'Haste' remains
purely within in the domain of mages, though.  That's like low-level time manipulation stuff.

Interaction: 'infravision', 'detect invisibility', 'sense life'.  The first two are absolute must-haves
for high level play.  While 'sense life' can let you indirectly discover most mobs, you still can't
read room longs or see objects without a light source.  Hence 'owl sight' below, which is comparable to
yet different than 'infravision'. (Clerics ought to have a form of 'detect invisibility' that works like
'detect magic' btw.)

Recovery: 'equine endurance' offers move regen, and I was also thinking along of the lines of
regenerative runes and such.  I like the concept that a druid can heal but does so by increasing
hp regen and not via instantaneous mana to hit point conversion like clerics.

So, without further ado, here are some druid change form spell ideas.  Feel free to pick and choose the
ones you like.  All change form spells can only effect the caster, since they represent a druid's
personal affinity toward and study of the subject animal or bestial trait.

change form
bear brawn - strength booster
  feral mind - passive skill, increases strength and/or duration of change form group spells, or gives them greater resistance to 'dispel magic'
  lion courage - morale booster
  equine endurance - move regen
    sense life - mimics the increased olfactory perception of many different animals
    eagle eyes - as 'extended sight'
      owl sight - can see as SUN_LIT in OUTDOOR rooms that aren't OVERCAST at night and/or INDOORS if you have a GLOW flag
        falcon wings - arms turn into wings, arm slot eq (and perhaps more) falls off into inventory
    frog gills - as 'water breathing', turns caster amphibious, or more correctly allows cutaneous respiration underwater
      newt regeneration - hp regen, might work faster while immersed in water
        chameleon skin - hide booster or possibly a weak form of invisibility involving checks when moving from room to room like 'stealthy movement'
    fox grace - dexterity booster
      tiger claws - gain wield flag, damage type claw
        canine teeth - gain bite attack in addition to other attacks
4  General Category / Future Directions / Re: Druid skill trees - pass 4 on: November 13, 2013, 06:16:16 am
All right, all right.  I'll stop trying to mess up the fairly solid spell groups and and work on the
weak ones.  I know you've got a schedule to keep.  You've got to admit, though, that my arguments are
pretty compelling.  I'll say it one last time: solar focusing belongs in control weather group!  Okay,
I've said it.  Moving on, I've beaten that dead horse enough.

A sunlight/moonlight/lightning scheme is a fair compromise.  If we're going to set in stone that the
world of Alter Aeon does indeed have a moon, I guess it wouldn't be too far of a stretch if we were to
say that Alter Aeon's satellite is an iceball or covered with a layer of ice, and that would explain
its affinity to frost rune powers.  (This would also make it an interesting backdrop for a future
area!)  Then you can do your frost runes, moonbeams, and whatever other icy moon things you had in
mind.  Don't forget that ice fog would still make a great addition here for the same reasons I stated
earlier, but I can understand if you want to keep it in the control weather group.

Okay, Draak pointed out something that I had completely overlooked with my runecraft suggestions that
I should not have.  Leatherwork, or 'runic tattoo' as you have it now.  This would be a fantastic skill
for the hearty woodsmen that druids are supposed to be.  Druid should be able to tattoo or carve
leather.  The cross group synergy would be excellent, as well.  Druids can kill an animal, skin it, tan
its hide and then put some runes on that hide for a custom piece of equipment--the whole process,
start to finish.  It's perfect.

If moonlight is the power source of frost, I think that it would be prudent to keep water weird in the
water group.  Draak's concept of carving runes around the unnatural spring used to fuel the spell is
interesting but unneccesary, especially when you consider the following argument:

water walk
  riptide (tidal wave)
      water weird

Now, you've got 'water weird' in the earth group.  At first glance, this seems logical.  You can create
a water weird from an unnatural spring, which is part of the earth group; however, I would say that a
water weird could also be created in a STREAM, RIVER, WATER, OCEAN or UNDERWATER terrain room without
the need of an unnatural spring.  It might also be possible to raise a water weird in a flooded room.
5  General Category / Future Directions / Re: Druid skill trees - pass 4 on: November 05, 2013, 07:01:58 am
Suggestions for earth group:

earth (10)
earth aegis - druid shadow decoys
    unnatural spring
      mire - temp changes room type to swamp, event handler to lag/slow everything in room
  earthquake - like cleric spell
    landslide - super earthquake spell, see below
  fists of the earth
    stone coffin
      wall of stone

I suggest renaming 'earth wall' to 'earth aegis'.  Sounds sexier and provides a distinction between
this spell and other "wall" spells.

From 'earth aegis', I divided it up into three subgroups.  The first deals with earth mixing with water.
The second deals with seismic activity.  The third deals with stone manipulation.

I like the old d&d 'earth to mud' spell, but I'd suggest renaming it to 'mire' to avoid more name
duplication.  I'd assume such a spell would have terrain restrictions, like it doesn't work in

I didn't put 'squeaky floors' in, either.  You may be on the right track making it a hex.  Maybe it
gives the affected character a HUM flag for the duration.

'Landslide' is the "super earthquake" spell you're looking for.  Use it on MOUNTAIN, HILL, ROCK, or
PLATEAU to make a rockslide, ICE to cause an avalanche, or UNDERGROUND or CAVE to cause a cave-in, and
the name is generic enough to be valid in any other non-water terrain, even LAVA (where it would be a
pyroclastic flow).  It can't be avoided with 'fly'.  Might have a startup lag and probably a long
cooldown timer on the room, since you use up all of the loose debris in a casting.  'Earthquake' could
either be a power-up cast ahead of time or a recharge to reduce the room's cooldown timer.  Either way
it would shake loose more material for a 'landslide' to work with.

'Stone skin' can be a salve, as Draak suggested.  It turns your skin gray and stonelike.  Like Draak's
idea for 'barkskin', this could provide protection against a specific damage group.  'Barkskin' could
protect against the piercing group, and 'stone skin' could protect against the slashing group.

'Stone coffin' is an prison spell like 'crystal prison' or 'ice imprison'.

'Wall of stone' is a exit barrier like 'wall of ice'.  It would have similar restrictions, although
the concept here is that the druid is working with existing nearby stone, whereas a mage is gating in
ice or crystal from another dimension.  'Stone coffin' and 'wall of stone' would have shorter durations
than ice because they can't be melted.

water (4)
water walk

I still have high hopes for the water group.  Even if it ends up being obscure, it's a cool spell group.

I renamed 'tidal wave' to 'riptide'.  It sounds more menacing, and would make sense on the surface of
water or underwater.

This does not have to be a large group.  Since there aren't a lot of water rooms available to use until
the Archais archipelago, 'water walk' might not be obtainable until level 20.  These spells aren't
extremely useful until you get to the mainland, where there are rivers, lakes and oceans to be
had, but it would be a pity to ignore them entirely.  A druid who takes the time to learn the water
group should be king of the sea!

'Flood' would inundate rooms that are adjacent to already existing water rooms (or perhaps other
flooded rooms, too), allowing the other water spells to be used there.  You'd need a boat flag to
cross through a flooded room, making 'water walk' relevant.  Dispels 'mire'.  'Riptide' becomes
available, and you can try to drown people with 'whirlpool' in a flooded room.  Perhaps call it
'flash flood'.
6  General Category / Future Directions / Re: Druid skill trees - pass 4 on: November 05, 2013, 05:59:15 am
What I meant to say is that plants don't have an internal body pressure like animals.  Examples of mobile
plants in real life achieve locomotion via osmosis, or osmotic pressure conversion, which is vastly
different than the musculature of animals.  For this reason, it would not be far-fetched that there
exist in Alter Aeon a barrier spell that functions against plants but not animals.

Any 'antiplant shell'/'repel flora' spell would be high level.  There are a sufficient number of areas
on the mainland with large plant mob populations to justify it.  The Forest of Tirgoth, the Elwood, the
Giftsmarch, mycnoids (both those in Void's ruins and the ones under the Giftsmarch), the Murlock
Swamps, the various tree monsters of the Southern Hills, thorn beasts and land urchins in Palo Verde,
Lufia's Folly, and all of the treants and ents living amongst the many murlock settlements that practice

Come to think of it, LEECH SEED is a lot like 'vampiric vines'.

Yes, I forgot about 'control undead' not having to use soulstones.  I was recalling something from back
when necromancer was in beta stage.
7  General Category / Future Directions / Re: Druid skill trees - pass 4 on: November 01, 2013, 07:09:48 pm
Plants and animals:

Plant group looks pretty good, but I still think you there are too many vines.

'Plantwalker' is more like 'antiplant shell' or 'repel flora'.  You don't make nice with plants.  It's
like a weak anti-water shell you create around yourself to hold the plants at bay.  Animals can push
through it because they have muscles and an internal body pressure.  Plants don't, not even magic
ones, so it can keep all of those nasty vine spells off you, too.

You want Pokemon plant attacks?  Lol.  Okay, here's a couple of ideas.

Instead of RAZOR LEAF, try 'storm of roses'.  Imagine an anime scene (there are lots of them) where
a cloud of rose petals envelopes someone for dramatic effect.  Think of this looking like that,
except these petals are razor sharp and have free-floating thorns mixed in.  Painful piercing
damage, ahoy!

Idea number 2: 'leech seed'.  Toss some seeds on an opponent, and they take root, afterward transferring
life energy from the target to you throughout the spells duration.  Only works on living, corporeal
creatures.  (Seeding an undead may result in something unpleasant, like losing hp instead of gaining
it.)  'Purge blood' would probably remove them.

And animals:

'Tame animal' should definitely require food as bait.  You need soulstones as bait for demons and
undead.  Maybe 'calm animal' and 'call animal', too.  As I suggested before, you could even go so far
as to have PLANT type food work with herbivores and MEAT type food work with carnivores.  (Other types
of food are "people food".)

So now I get that 'hunting' is actually intended to be more abstract than I had thought.  You type
'hunt', dice are rolled, game appears in your inventory, game register in the room is subtracted from.
I still think using the skill to flush out animal mobs to attack or tame would be much more fun.
8  General Category / Future Directions / Re: Druid skill trees - pass 4 on: November 01, 2013, 07:00:13 pm
gust of wind
    still air
      featherfall (obscure)

Don't need a 'blow away' spell unless you ditch 'call thunder'.

A possibility for 'tornado' could be an uncontrollable air-based minion.  It attacks who it wants,
when it wants.  Advantage?  It doesn't use control points.  Muwahahaha!

'Dragonbreath' could be a high-level area effect damage spell that works like the wind damage
dragonbreath specp.  You breathe a burst of high velocity air.  Since it involves air from your
own lungs, it is very taxing on the body and would have a cooldown timer like 'second wind', perhaps
even sharing the same cooldown with that skill.  (Since the air involved is self-generated, it might
be able to be cast underwater.)

I understand that arranging the skills/spells as such trims the top off of the wind group, but
the wind group capstone should be an air/breath spell, like 'dragonbreath', not fire damage

Furthermore, 'solar lance', 'sunstorm' and 'eclipse' simply don't fit into the wind group because of
the way you want them invoked.  Compressing air into a solar lense?  I get the science behind it, but
what it boils down to is massive atmospheric manipulation.  It sounds cool, but we already have a
control weather group!  I still fail to see the need for an 'eclipse' spell, because a druid can block
out the sun with cloud cover.

There is a fundamental difference between the wind and control weather groups.  All wind group spells
can be used anywhere, inside or outside, there is air
, that is to say, anywhere except underwater.
Control weather group spells can only be used outside, where the weather is.  Savvy?  (This could mean
that certain weather spells might even work in non-NO_SUN underwater rooms!)

I would strongly recommend moving solar focusing into the control weather group.  'Sunstorm' and
'solar lance' especially are great spell ideas, but they fit in better with that group.

control weather
control weather - humid/wet, dry; clear, cloudy/overcast; cold, hot
  call thunder - area effect fear
    call lightning - single target lightning damage spell
    hailstone - single target cold/normal damage spell, much as it is now
      blizzard - area effect cold/normal damage spell, much as it is now, possible visibility diminishment
  sunburn - solar focusing, scorches a single target with second- and third-degree burns, max hp lowered for duration or until magically healed
    sunstorm - solar focusing, DoT room effect fire damage
      solar lance - solar focusing, single target with possible collatoral damage like greater fireball
  dustcloud - DoT room effect spell, does slicing damage, for dry weather, unusable in water/ocean

All right.  We're really getting somewhere here.

Rename 'call rain' to 'downpour'.  We've got enough "call" spells as it is, and the new name helps
capture the sensation of really drenching someone.  I understand it harming FIRE type,
but why LIGHTNING type?

Questions I'd like to put out are these: how does 'control weather' interact with existing natural
weather?  How far astray can a druid push the local weather from the norm?  Would such a limit depend
on his druid cast level, or could he conceivably force the local weather to do anything with multiple
castings?  How long does it last?  Would room terrain affect the weather possibilities?  Inquiring minds
want to know!

Another reason to put solar focusing here is because it gives druids an incentive to keep the skies
clear with 'control weather'.  They make it cloudy and humid for call thunder/lightning, downpour,
hailstone and blizzard, and they make it clear for sunburn, solar lance, and sunstorm.  'Dustcloud' is
for making it dry, regardless of cloud cover.  Let's review:

call thunder - humid, overcast, any temperature
call lightning - humid, overcast, any temperature
downpour - humid, overcast, above freezing
hailstone - humid, overcast, below freezing
blizzard - humid, overcast, below freezing
sunburn - any humidity, clear, hot
solar lance - any humidity, clear, any temperature
sunstorm - any humidity, clear, any temperature
dustcloud - dry, any cloud condition, above freezing

No hoarfrost.  No snowblind.  No hailstorm.  You've got the ice spells WELL-covered.  I honestly think
an imprison spell would work better in the earth group, which is a tougher element than ice.  Mages
already have 'ice imprison': keep it exclusive to them.
9  General Category / Future Directions / Re: Druid skill trees - pass 4 on: November 01, 2013, 06:54:37 pm
I was finishing up my ideas for rune magic and realized that there was going to a LOT of
skills.  Consider the following revision:

Combine 'sun runes', 'frost runes' and 'lightning runes' into a single 'elemental runes' skill,
dependent on 'carve runes'.  You carve the elemental runes on a piece of equipment, and it gains
the element affinity of the power source you use on it.  For example, if you want fireabsorb on a piece
of equipment, you carve elemental runes on it and apply a bottle of sunlight.

This would tie the 'elemental runes' dependency to the composition of the target object, which actually
makes more sense IMHO.  You could carve such runes on a bone piece of equipment if you know
'scrimshaw', for example.

This puts 19 skills/spells in the group, or roughly one for every other level.  Definitely big and
kind of "flat", but doable.

carve runes (woodcarving)
  carve totem
  carve effigy
  elemental runes
    solar flare
  dew catcher
    distill dew - spell purifies bottle of dew and turns it into a heal potion
    regeneration runes - raises regeneration of room
    water weird - carve runes around the base of a spring conjured by 'unnatural spring' to summon this water minion
    ice fog - as former cleric spell, see below
  lightning catcher
    lightning field
    arrest lightning

Okay, druid has a bottle of magic dew.  Same question as a bottle of sunlight:  what does he do with

Use dew <room> - Dew is scattered throughout the room as an early warning detection system, works like

Use dew <target> - Douses target with magic water, damaging FIRE types mobs.  Also puts out players
who are on fire, and snuffs out fires created with 'firestarting'.

Again, like sunlight bottles, the skill provides useful yet limited options for your collected
dew.  Also, like with sunlight, you have an option to increase the rate of collection, and that is
by using 'control weather' to make the room more humid (good cross-group synergy!).

'Regeneration runes' works with magic dew because players are carbon-based lifeforms comprised of mostly
water.  Makes more sense than moonlight, at least.

All right, the elephant in the room here is the placement of the 'ice fog' spell.  Here's my case for
moving 'ice fog' from control weather into the runecraft tree:

As cleric spells, 'ice fog' and 'blizzard' had an excellent relationship.  Although 'ice fog' did less
damage than 'blizzard', 'ice fog' had the advantage of being able to be cast anywhere, whereas 'blizzard'
could only be used outside, thereby making 'ice fog' useful even after the higher level 'blizzard'
was learned.

As druid weather spells, 'ice fog' would be forced outside with 'blizzard' and would simply be
'blizzard lite', becoming obselete as soon as 'blizzard' could be learned.  Pulling 'ice fog' from
the control weather group and placing it as a frost power rune subgroup re-captures that great
synergy they had with one another as cleric spells.  'Blizzard' would remain the more powerful cold
damage area effect spell, but 'ice fog' would be able to be used anywhere you bring your bottle of
magic dew and remain relevant throughout the druid's career.

Just so you know, I'm not trying to be contrary or complicated.  I absolutely love these spells and
want them to work out for druids!

Okay, now for the lightning power runes subgroup:

What do you do with lightning in a bottle?  Bottled lightning is ionized, so it attracts more

Use lightning <room> - Use in a stormy room to charge up lightning catchers faster.  Slight power-up to
all electricity-based attacks, regardless of source or target.

Use lightning <target> - Discharged against a single target, doing a tiny amount of zap damage and
giving him a positive zapsave debuff

Letting bottled lightning be used as such helps the druid set the stage for call lightning spells (or
lightning mage spells for cross-class synergy!).

'Lightning field' is an exit trap, exactly as Draak suggested.

'Arrest lightning' is a more proactive version of 'lightning catcher'.  How does a druid arrest
lightning?  I envision it as an event-based skill occuring round by round until successful, like
lockpicking.  A low-level druid would have to find a room where it is raining, and types
'arrest lightning'.  A druid that knows 'control weather' could make it stormy himself
and then try to arrest lightning.  Alternatively, a druid could engage in combat against a mob that
uses 'call lightning', 'lightning bolt' or 'ball lightning' and try to catch it (of course, he wouldn't
be able to do anything else while thus engaged, which would make a interesting defensive option).  In
any of these scenarios, a failure could result in lightning striking near the druid as an almost-had-it,
or lightning could strike the druid, damaging him.

'Simulacrum' allows you make carve a statue out of whatever material is at hand, depending on the room
terrain, and power it up with bottled lightning.  Could have different versions.  An earth simulacrum
simulacrum for DESERT/SANDY/BEACH/WASTELAND, and perhaps even an ice simulacrum for ICE.  All simulacra
would have probably high zapsave.
10  General Category / Future Directions / Re: Druid skill trees - pass 4 on: October 30, 2013, 05:43:45 pm
I forgot to rename 'fire runes' to 'sun runes'.  Sounds sexier and ties solar theme together better.  Heh.
11  General Category / Future Directions / Re: Druid skill trees - pass 4 on: October 30, 2013, 05:26:19 pm
Now we add power source skill groups, one at a time.  First is solar:

carve runes (woodcarving)
  carve totem
  carve effigy
    solar flare
    fire runes
Okay, so a druid catches some sunlight.  What does he do with it?  I really don't see the need to make
the druid sink more practices into another skill just to be able to use the bottled sunlight.  IMHO
the 'sunlight' spell should be the default option for bottled sunlight.  No additional skill/spell
needed.  (Mechanically, 'sunlight' would be still be a spell, just one that has be invoked via the
bottle of sunlight and maybe brewable, but it cannot be cast, like how 'poison cloud' functions.)
Syntax could work as such:

Use sunlight <room> - Invokes SUN_LIT room flag, lighting up the room and damaging mobs vulnerable to
sunlight.  (BTW this means mobs that DIE in sunlight, not ones that simply vanish.  Vanishing mobs just
disappear.  Big difference.)  Kills off shadow decoys.  Dispels room effect 'darken'.

Use sunlight <target> - Breaks 'shadow bind', interrupts 'cloak of darkness', and direct damages target
if vulnerable to sunlight.  Also one-hit KOs shadow decoys.  Might even do mega damage against shadow

As expected, either option consumes the bottle of sunlight.

'Solar flare' is a direct damage fire spell.  Consumes a bottle of sunlight.  Blinds target like
'color spray'.

Move 'sundrinker' to herbal tree.  It should be a salve and turn your skin green, as Draak
describes.  Using 'sundrinker' may give you the option to "use sunlight self", so you can bathe
yourself with bottled sunlight to take advantage of the salve.

I would say that a suncatcher can already collect moonlight and starlight.  Physically, moonlight
is sunlight reflected off of the moon's surface, and starlight is simply sunlight from suns that are
very far away.  Collecting their light just takes a lot longer.  Perhaps a druid with the
'moonlighting' skill carves suncatchers that more efficiently collect moonlight and starlight, but
I'd point out that because suncatching works more quickly in sunlight, a druid has an incentive to use
a bottle of sunlight on the room to quickly fill up his suncatchers.  'Moonlighting' would really only
be useful for a druid who has run out of sunlight bottles.

That's all I have time for today, but dewcatcher and lightning catcher ideas forthcoming...
12  General Category / Future Directions / Re: Druid skill trees - pass 4 on: October 30, 2013, 05:22:42 pm
Looks good.  Things are shaping up nicely.

Let's start at the top, since that is what Dentin appears to be doing.  Runecraft tree is bit more
straightened out from last pass, but still a huge ugly cluster.  Let's address that:

For the purposes of illustration, seperate what I'll call the artificer skills from the others in
the runecraft tree.

(Please, no metal etching for druid.  Most metal items are tempered or alloyed in such a way that makes
them far removed from anything "natural" that a druid would be working with.  Reserve metalworking
for a future warrior smithing skill group.)

carve runes (woodcarving, or carving magic runes on wood)
  scrimshaw (carving magic runes on bone)
  petroglyph (carving magic runes on stone)

These skills can stand alone.  Each does essentially the same thing, and that is adding permanent
effect boosts to the target object of the appropiate composition.  I would suggest that the magic
runes glow, adding a GLOW flag to objects that don't have it already to give players a little
composite to work with.  (This would also mean that players would not necessarily want all of their
equipment to be carved on, such a thief trying to stealth.)  Also, consider how runecraft will interact
with other enchant skills.  Can you enchant something that has magic runes on it already, or are they
mutually exclusive?  I would say probably the latter, since anything carved on probably doesn't have any
composite left to work with anyway.

Next, we add the skills that require no collected element.

carve runes (woodcarving)
  carve totem
  carve effigy

Notice how I reverse carve runes and carve totem!  You need to learn to carve magic runes on wood
before making totems out of wood.  Since the various catchers are dependent on 'carve runes',
this puts the power rune skills within easier reach as options for mid-level druids.  This is important!
The only way a druid will have enough practices to explore all of the power rune skills before reaching
max level would be at the expense of the other groups.  Making more options available at lower levels
lets them choose and practice them sooner, making them stronger characters.

Another thing to consider: are totems hold-only or can they be wielded?  I had suggested a shillelagh
or magic club spell as a means for low-level druids to have a magic damage weapon option available at
low level comparable to spirit hammer.  (You would carve a piece of gathered wood into a club and
enchant it, making a timeout magic pound weapon.)  If totems can be wielded, perhaps they can serve this
13  General Category / Future Directions / Re: Druid skill trees - pass 3 on: September 10, 2013, 01:50:39 am
morning dew

I thought that said 'mountain dew', which invoked an image of druids wandering the mountains in search of dew that they could bottle potions from.
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Sneaky:  We already have a class that does that.  It's called "warrior".

Heh, but I know what you're getting at.  Actually, I think I see good things trending.  I'd like to
see druids be another healer but heal in a different way than clerics.  Right now, with all the runes,
light sources, tattoos and salves, druids are going to heal by jacking up a character's hpregen instead
of doing instantaneous spells like clerics.  I like that a lot.

With paladin off of the table, I hope to see druid occupy the space between cleric and warrior in
terms of game balance.  The 'change form' seems to be the druid's pathway to becoming a powerful
melee combatant.

Oh, and I think totems work the way that Sneaky is talking about.  You activate it and drop it on the
ground, and they affect everyone in the room until they wear off.  (It would be funny if scavenger mobs
could pick them up and carry them off!)


Other than that, Draak summed up things pretty well.  I'd only add of couple of things:

Like Draak said, druids using 'control weather' have no incentive to nudge the weather any way except
toward humid and overcast (and cold) to use the other spells dependent on it, which are all
precipitation-based.  The group needs some diversification to take advantage of different weather
combinations.  (A druid should have weather spells for any occassion!)  Some more suggestions:

'Overheat'/'Scorch'/'Sunburn' for hot and dry.  Uses ambient heat to cook a living creature's body,
boiling blood and hemorrhaging organs.  (Like getting a fever, only much, much worse!)

'Duststorm' for dry.  Substitute for 'impenetrable fog', or have it deal damage to everyone in the
room throughout its duration.

'Swelter' for humid and hot, as Draak described.

In addition, clear skies should necessary for solar focusing (so the druid can see what he's doing,
if nothing else!).

'Open the heavens' is superfluous.  Sure, it sounds cool, but a druid should be able to clear the sky
using 'control weather'.


'Beast claws' changes the druid's natural damage type to claw and gives him a wield flag for the
duration.  Synergizes well with 'unarmed combat'.  (Claw needs to be added to the slash/slice damage


Wouldn't 'blow away' do exactly what 'gust of wind' would?


I see you've got the water spells clustered together, so perhaps you're still considering a water
group.  I would strongly recommend it.  Let me take another crack at it:


water walk - gives you a boat flag
  dehydrate - forcibly extracts water from target, damaging living and WATER mobs
    extract poison - Removes poison from target and puts it in a liquid container that the druid can use
  create water - does what it does now, plus damaging FIRE types and extinguishing fires and fireweb
    tidal wave - for use in flooded/water room or adjacent flooded/water room
      flood - floods a room with water, must be adjacent to water or another flooded room
        water weird - summoned water-only minion
          whirlpool - for use in flooded/water room

'Dehydrate' provides the druid with a low-level but reliable direct-damage magic normal damage
spell useful against most opponents.  Besides the air group, druid seems to be lacking in direct-damage
spells at low level.

I'd love to see 'create water' become a more multi-purpose spell.  It might need a better name,
though.  Like "font" or "fountain".

'Flood' would not be available until Archais level, where it and the subsequent spells would be useful
around the archipelago.


Also, 'poison fog' might be good in the plant group, perhaps using plant pollen as an agent to deliver
the poison.   Alternatively, since Draak explained to me how and why the druid hexes work the way
that they do, perhaps a disease group for new spells like 'poison fog' would not be out of the
question.  The "diseases" would actually be advanced poisons, which clerics, druid and thieves would
have a means of countering.
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