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1  General Category / Future Directions / Re: Druid skill trees - pass 3 on: September 21, 2013, 12:43:59 pm
I love the idea of this class, firstly. We also have some great ideas flowing (mostly due to Shadowfax and Draak, so thank you).

First I'll address something minor that kind of bugs me. Poultices/tinctures seems more magey to me but I could be wrong and be the only one who feels that way..Why don't you opt out for a more traditional but fitting skill tree name like Herbalism, and make a particular druid forage skill open like forage herbs? That way an untrained forager wouldn't know the difference between poisonous plants and edible/healing herbs.
Within Herbalism:
Healing poultice (healing salve?): Love it.
Poultice of draw poison: Love the idea of it but why not do something more like Leech, where it attaches a leech to the infected area and the leech sucks the poison out of the system(could even do a minor -hp regen while attached) can detach or remove leech when the poison is gone.
Poultice of Foulblood?: not so in love with this one, mostly because I associate foulblood way more heavily with necromancer and it doesnt seem as naturalistic as a druid is/should be.
Cover scent: I can see where it'd be useful but more or less would it function with invis to keep mobs from "sniffing" you out? or just give stat bonuses?
brew salve: It seems like a heavier version of healing poultice no real opinion here
delay/stop poison: turnicate? stops the poison from doing its damage as rampantly but would also have to slow the hp regen too due to the lack of blood flow (not necessarily a bad thing if you are brewing potions or using healing poultice)
Barkskin- Seems like a great addition for lower level players almost like a pre-req for stone skin could be like 10% norm save and 5% cold/breath save?
defoliate: 2 words: LOVE IT
Hpmor: could it be put over into the call lightning spell or into something similar?
One with Nature: passive skill could act kind of  like deathly sleep except for can only be used in particular environments, forests, swamps, desert,etc. could make it a lot lower regen gain but add like 5 hp mana move regen on top of your natural when in those environments

create water: always
swampfoot: i like the idea of it and it works well with earth to mud
earth wall: this is probably one of my favorite ideas but make it 1 wall with a set amount of hp based on clev it could totally replace shambling mound as a tank (they seem the same to me) give it no ability to hit back just sit there and take the heat for a short time
groundshaker: i like it, i was always a fan of earthquake so im glad to see it might have a place
earth to mud: make it act like leth to anything that isnt swamp-footed, also like the idea of changing the terrain type
stone skin: Want it Need it

parasitic rider: its pretty cool, i might be upset if its not put in
black widow: would be cool for a poison attack but also a minor reduction to dex and maybe even confusion or a slowed down effect (again kinda like leth)
insect plague: I was thinking of something similar but more like locust swarm: causes confusion and small/medium damage
I liked Parasite: Do it

There's what I think plus a couple more ideas. keep up the awesome work D
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