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1  General Category / New Players / Re: needing help about equipments on: December 16, 2018, 10:48:06 pm
This may be late and you may of figured this out, but if you don't mind my saying something, you might consider a reset if you ar unhappy with the way you built the character your first time through. You have to start out at level 1, but you keep all of your gold and purchased practices. Then, you cantake more care with spending practices and building stats to better suit your  class needs. I, myself have reset my level 33 thief 8 times since I first started her and each time it was to fix or improve something that I found critical.

For example, spend your first 10 or 15 levels focused only on your stats and those skills that are abosultely necessary for your primary class. You should try to et your primary stats up to at least 25 as quicky as possible, then you can work on other stats, or start picking up skills. It does get much harder at higher levels to raise stats.

As for your gear... you really do need to focus it a bit more on warrior items; there's a lot of good  quest items as well as warrior gear in the game. Keep an eye on donation rooms and player shops. For level 32, there some fairly decent warrior gear in the forest south of the chapel WP  and crafted items may be useful at a certain point. I have 2 rings that gives me +10 DR, but could just as easily get +10HR, Armor in the upper teens and so on. Don't be afraid to look for players who might help offer advice about your class and look cloasely at the articles and help pages to help you design a better warrior.

Hope this helped a bit.
2  Administration / Forum Feedback / Blind Assessible private messages? on: December 16, 2018, 07:02:31 pm
I know that I just registered, mainly because I didn't know that this place existed and it doesn't seem very active.

But, having said all of that, I can't send PM's because it askes me to enter a series of letters in an image, but I can't see the image and there isn't an option for an audio output, so can that verification either be disabled, or a blind assessable option incorporated so that blind players, like me, can send PM's?

Thank you for your time,
3  General Category / Smuggler's Cove / Re: Does Altar Aeon have scheduled maintenance? on: December 16, 2018, 06:35:31 pm
Don't feel bad, I haven't been able to log on since last night. I get the same message. I sent an email to Dentin this morning, but I haven't gotten a reply yet.

Keeping my fingers crossed, I'm jonesing for my fix. lol
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