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46  General Category / Future Directions / Re: necromancer ideas on: November 30, 2010, 06:26:19 am
Another animated construct idea: stone gargoyle. We routinely see gargoyles on the mud as animated statues. They'd probably have good AC, average dex with no good saves except poison, with added normsave (maybe intrinsic low level stoneskin so it can't be stacked). It could possibly have some sort of magic eye beam attack. You would need something large with a composition of ROCK to make one.
47  General Category / Future Directions / Re: necromancer ideas on: November 29, 2010, 06:14:36 am
Make skeletal mage castable on spellcomps. The spellcomp is consumed by the spell. If the spellcomp has an affinity for the fire, ice or electricity spell groups, then the resulting skeletal mage is much more likely to be of that damage type.

In addition, make skeleton warrior castable on spellcomps, too. If the spellcomp has an affinity for a spell or group, then the skeleton would have a chance of having that spell or a spell from that group cast on it when it spawns.
48  General Category / Future Directions / Re: necromancer ideas on: November 26, 2010, 06:59:31 am
Instead of the fangs spell giving skeletons a bite attack, have them grow spikes and do damage reflection. Or something else. Basically I'm saying there should be a way to augment/buff your skeletons using regular teeth.
49  General Category / Future Directions / necromancer ideas on: November 18, 2010, 06:51:26 am
I know that Dentin has some more high level necro spells he's working on, but I have a few ideas for him. Some I've discussed with him before, some are new:

Speak with dead (seance? interrogate dead?) -- the necromancer casts this spell on a corpse of a humanoid, angel or demon. The corpse speaks, informing the caster of things, I'm not really sure what sort of things, though, that wouldn't be covered by the monster lore skills. The higher the corpse's intelligence and wisdom, the more likely it is to remember things (whatever those things may be). The higher the corpse's charisma, the more likely it is to resist the spell. Not my strongest idea.

Make skeletal mage castable on spellcomps. The spellcomp is consumed by the spell. If the spellcomp has an affinity for the fire, ice or electricity spell groups, then the resulting skeletal mage is much more likely to be of that damage type.

Tooth spell that heals skeletons, using up regular teeth.

skeletal fangs -- nuke the secondary bash attack on skeletal warrior skeletons, then add this spell. Use teeth to give skeletons oversized fangs, giving them a powerful secondary bite attack. (Basically the skeletons would always have a bite attack, but their dualprob would be 0% by default. The fangs spell would just adjust their dualprob. I've done similar things with iacts, so I imagine it can be done by a spell. The dualprob would scale with level.)

toothache -- tooth spell, you lob an enchanted tooth at the target and it sticks in their flesh, on clothes, armor, etc. and begins to grow sharp spines. These dig into the target, causing piercing damage and possibly hindering attacks and movement after several successful hits with the spell. The resulting spiny balls would break apart after one a round or two.

Make clay man castable via scroll.

I'd like to be able make some truly unique necromancer eq that doesn't feel like rehashed mage eq:

MINION by <X> stat for objects. Gives a bonus to the hit/dam of your minions. Probably limited to 1 per piece of eq, most likely not a straight 1:1 ratio.

TEETH by <X> stat for objects. Increases your tooth capacity by X. Just affects regular teeth.
50  General Category / Future Directions / Re: Additional Class Idea? on: November 07, 2010, 06:01:27 am
I think Dentin wants to combine his armaps with dclient somehow...
51  General Category / Game Events / Re: ZOMBIE INVASION on: October 24, 2010, 05:47:34 am
maybe if everyone was confined to a selected city or something but i just see too many people just hiding or porting for sixteen hours.

Turn off summon/teleporting, give all the zombies wanderlust, memory and tracking flags, with intrinsic infravision, detect invisibility and sense life. And no objects would load on the ground, which would nerf most portals and objects you could hide in. Gods could have some sort of zombie mode they could toggle so they could hunt down holed-up players and flush them out of hiding, too.

This would be an awesome thing to do for next Halloween (after the annual event, late at night so we don't scare the kiddies) and at random times throughout the year. Probably would take a lot of work, and the new classes should take priority.
52  General Category / Future Directions / Re: Necromancer Beta Test on: October 07, 2010, 05:24:38 am
Another possible thing you could do with the demon tree:

Leave demonlore at the bottom. Get rid of the summoning spells. Whack control undead and use its mechanic for control demon (call it "demonic compact", "demon bargaining", something like that) that would function with existing demons. Have demon tongue as a passive skill that adds a bonus to the control demon mechanic, and top the tree off with demonfire. Maybe graft in a "demon familiar" spell and a "banish/censure demon" spell to round out the tree.

Seriously, why do undead want soulstones? What do they use them for? What's the ecology/economy? Do they use them as batteries or consume them to savor the flavor? I think a demon's motivation for wanting soulstones would be more flavorful than an undead's, even if the motivation was shrouded in mystery.

This would give two solid, separate and dissimilar uses for soulstones: creating undead and bargaining with demons.
53  General Category / Future Directions / Re: Necromancer Beta Test on: October 04, 2010, 06:15:34 am
'Bone wall' could be a barrier that makes it more difficult to get past and inflicts damage on those that manage to pass from jagged pieces of bone. This might be a better idea for a 'flame wall' spell, burn.

Flesh wall is a terrible idea. Keep it on the scrap heap.

Make a higher-level bone spell that uses teeth to heal skeletal warrior and mages.

You've got bone armor and a bone shield. Make a bone weapon, 'skull mace', 'bone blade' or something.

Give demonlore back to clerics. Maybe call it demonology. And give them demonfire!

(I think "Gisco's Gib Grenade" is still a viable idea. Dentin knows what I'm talking about.)
54  General Category / General Discussion / Re: Alter Aeon Withdrawal Syndrome on: July 26, 2010, 06:05:56 pm

Yes I am.

I'm a little worried.
55  General Category / General Discussion / Re: So, just saying goodbye to the unfortunate few that stay on at alter aeon on: July 26, 2010, 05:42:55 pm
I stand with Dentin, Gandor and Morpheus.

I never thought you should be a mainport builder or a god and said as much to Dentin. Much of what you claim as boldness, alpha-traits and 'saying what needs to be said' is just an excuse to indulge your inner troll. Thank you for bringing up Nazis, "theft" of what are clearly labeled as donations and penis size. It undermines your credibility in ways I or others could never do.

I hope this aspect of your nature is simply your escapist desires manifesting and that you don't treat people in RL like you do on Alter Aeon. It works well if you're Dr. House, but not so much when you're dealing with real people. The weak will resent you and the strong will oppose you.

If Dentin does not do so, I will unhook and deconstruct your Swamp Dwarves and beanstalk areas myself. The others are joint ventures with Morpheus and thus part of his intellectual property, too.

I wish you no luck and will not miss you. The particular philosophy you seem to embrace would certainly call for you "making your own luck".
56  General Category / Game Events / Re: ZOMBIE INVASION on: July 26, 2010, 02:10:19 am
This should be made a system event called ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, where all mobs in the mud are replaced with aggro, swift-moving zombies! The goal would be not to die. Get killed and you're out (or in some sort of observer mode) until the end of the event.

There would be rewards for Most Zombies Killed, Survivor (for those that make it to the end of the event) and maybe Zombie Kill of the Week (randomly selected from the swiftest kills).
57  General Category / Future Directions / Re: Class Discussion 03 - after talking to Dentin on: January 19, 2010, 07:33:17 am
Here's one way of looking at my explantion of the new spellcasters in light of the old:

Mages and clerics both deal with extraplanar power. Mages tap into directly. Clerics are granted access by their patron deity or the pantheon as a whole.

Druid/witches and Shamans do the same, but with power native to the material plane. Druids tap into it directly. Shamans call upon various local powers to for aid.

Native Powers Extraplanar Powers
Direct    druid/witch   mage
Indirect   shaman/necromancer  cleric

flay spell for shamans for their necro tree -- skins and defleshes a corpse so you can turn it into a skeleton. Maybe a generic damage spell against animals, humanoids and others with skin, does charisma damage! ("OW! mY SkIn!!") Creatures killed by flay would automatically be skeletons

We have four broad classes, with lots of options. It would be nice to maintain the breadth and versatility of our existing classes and not add anything that's overspecialized beyond 'focus group' and 'focus solo'.
58  General Category / Future Directions / Re: Class Discussion 03 - after talking to Dentin on: December 15, 2009, 04:26:10 am
After doing some research, it would actually appear I have their roles reversed:

Shamans do business with spirits, so they would be the necromancer/warlock class.

Warlocks/witches (at least modern ones) deal with nature magic, they would actually be the shaman/druid class.

I'll retcon my old posts. Watch for falling EDIT signs.

59  General Category / Building and Construction / Re: Iacts on mobs - a simple example on: November 29, 2009, 06:28:43 am
Dentin made a nice simple example that would work better for a player than a mob.  If Bob the Mob were disarmed, his weapon would end up on the ground, not in his inventory, so the line 'get weapon' needs to be added before 'wield weapon'.
60  General Category / Future Directions / Re: Class Discussion 03 - after talking to Dentin on: September 22, 2009, 05:57:26 am

Becomes more focused on elemental magic -- magical "physicist" as opposed to warlock "biologist". Keeps elemental spells (electricity,fire,ice,crystal), color spray, noxious cloud, brew potion tree, detect magic/dispel tree, fly, summon/teleport, invisibility tree, Tensor's floating disc, ventriloquate, dancing lights, displace, shield, knock and other non-biological utility spells. Mages learn how to manipulate mana/magic and use it to unravel and reshape the multiverse as they wish. Works best as solo.

divination spell tree: gaze, find object, locate object, farsee
fear, possession
body alteration: infravision, blindness, strength, dexterity, water breathing, weakness, clumsiness, haste, lethargy, feeblemind
stone skin retooled into crystal tree?
maybe loses darken

new elemental spells? summoning generic elementals? noxious cloud part of an acidic/toxin tree?
golem crafting -- requires binding of elemental creatures to animate bodies, should be mage and not warlock
Illusion tree:

Invisibility/mass invis, displacement, dancing lights, ventriloquate and color spray could become part of an illusion tree, perhaps also some of the illusionist ideas I posted to Dentin (largely as a thought exercise rather than a serious attempt to create a new class) like more prismatic, color sprayish-type spells. Maybe illusionary wall to 'block' exits, too?

Could have a skill called mock spell or mimic spell that allows you to cast an illusionary version of many other mage attack spells (provided you know the spell) that would throw against mental stats and cost less mana. Couldn't duplicate spells with physical components (like frostbite, noxious cloud or shards), just pure energy ones like fireball, cone of cold and lightning bolt.

Illusions in this case would be quasi-real constructs made from magical energy, conjured and shaped by the mage from extra-planar components rather than in the mind of the target(s).

A functionary of a deity, who must keep in that deity's good graces to be effective. Keeps refresh/protection tree, heal/harm trees, detect/turn undead, groupcasting, ward spells, presence, word of recall/group recall, flamestrike, cure poison tree, cure blindness, remove curse (cleric version of dispel magic), detect align tree, spirit hammer, etc, etc. Clerics stand as representatives/intermediaries of the gods. Works best in groups.

charm, squeaky floors, Durhams guiding spirit, famine, confusion, mass confusion, animate dead, sense life, preservation, entangling roots, create food/water, blizzard, ice fog, earthquake, faerie fire/fog

more aligned abilities? - consecrate/desecrate weapon, claws of darkness, etc.
candle -- replaces continual light
treat disease tree? - brewable?

Takes on some of my proposed bard skills to add to Dentin's "spoil the fight" creedo. Keeps stealth tree, thievery tree, backstab, dodge, trip, throw, throw potion, poison tree, bribe and pretty much everything thieves do. Thieves are sneaky guys that use their stealth either to "liberate" items from their owners, or to hunt down and slay enemies, often a mixture of both. Works best as solo.


"bardic" skills -- luck, gamble (restrung as gambit), bluff, maybe risk and chance, too
luck tree mechanics repost:
luck -- 1st level skill, passive -- The bard has a percentage based chance (something like (bard level/5)%, minimum 0.25%?, cap at 4-5%?) of having  1d(charisma score - 10) added to its hitroll, damroll, dodge, parry or castability any time a revelant check is made. Abilities that lower the bard's charisma below 10 could result in this roll being a negative amount, so it could be turned against the character in very rare circumstances. The luck formula could be used to calculate the bonuses bestowed by some of the bard's song abilities...

gamble - 1st level active combat skill, this ability consumes movement (1d20+20?) each time it is activated. Basically, the bard tries a risky manuever in combat, adding +40 or 50 to his AC (which is bad in this game) while adding an amount equal to (bard level/2 + (charisma score -10)) to either his hitroll, damroll or attacks (chosen at random) for a number of rounds equal to some sort of level or charisma based equation. Basically, it's a sort of mini-berserk. There could be multipliers to the bonus for higher level bards (x2 at 21, x3 at 32 maybe?)

bluff - active combat skill, functionally, an aggro control for the group-oriented bard class. Bard does a charisma/level check against single target -- target might back down and lose its aggressiveness for a time if cowed. If the bard is significantly more powerful and wins the bluff by a large amount, the target may flee. Basically the bard is claiming that he knows the ancient art of Krapudu and will pluck out your eyes and show them to you before you die (or something similar through body language to opponents that can't understand him.)

chance - active combat skill, tries to force a luck event, costs small chunk of movement, failure results in bard falling into prone position as if bashed. Mechanics could be charisma/dex based.

risk - active combat skill, bard lures an opponent into a compromising stance by purposly taking a blow -- when the ability is activated (You prepare yourself to take a risk... sent to self only), you forfeit dodge/parry attempts against the next successful melee attack from an opponent, which does 50% more damage. The pay off is that you have a chance of stunning him or knocking him prone as if bashed and dealing damage equal to your luck bonus to damroll (this damage should receive multipliers at higher levels maybe).

Solid, generic class can function as anything melee. Keeps kick, bash, leaping attack, double attack, berserk, rescue/tank tree, defensive fighting, retreat, taunt/intidimidate/roar tree, valor, unarmed combat, parry, disarm, etc,etc. These guys are characters of any sort that are found on the front lines, either as hitters or tanks. Works best in groups.


knight/paladin abilities?

This class is a natural magician, harnessing magic inherient in the land itself for his ends. He is also a woodsy fellow with intimate knowledge of the wild that can communicate with animals. He is a magical 'naturalist' as opposed to the biologist shaman and physicist mage. Sorcerors are the medicine men, hermits and wise men of the woods. Works best as solo.

from cleric:
entangling roots, create food/water, blizzard, ice fog, earthquake, faerie fire/fog, control weather, sunlight/sunstorm

from thief:

calm animals, lure animal, befriend animal -- doesn't summon, but can entice animals into service
other druid spells
some sort of dispel?

spells for first level: Huh?

A magical "biologist" as opposed to the magical "physicist" of the mage. They can be fortune tellers, spirit mediums, witch doctors, to full on creepy guys in graveyards with undead servants and demon familiars. They have buffing/healing abilities that they can only use on themselves, and usually have to steal energy from an opponent to work.  They function as patrons that enslave/entice lesser entities to serve, or bargain directly with equal or greater powers for limited actions (like Durham's). Works best as solo.

From mage:
divination spell tree: gaze, find object, locate object, farsee -- reflavored to be entreating spirits/demons to make searches
fear, possession
body alteration: infravision, blindness, strength, dexterity, water breathing, weakness, clumsiness, haste, lethargy, feeblemind -- possibly inviting spirits to possess bodies or make the changes?

From cleric:
charm, Durhams guiding spirit (part of divination tree), famine, confusion, mass confusion, animate dead, sense life, preservation, squeaky floors, continual light

sense life could be retooled to be scent -- caster gains enhanced sense of smell, so they can sniff out hidden life forms. Noxious cloud would have additional dehabiliting effects on a target with scent active, and choking cloud and poison cloud would prevent the ability from working in a given room (The strong odor would mask any scents).

leeching spells -- leech spell (necromancer dispel, lessens spell duration on target, caster regain hitpoints), leech life, maybe more
more curses
mummification (prepare a corpse using herbs, thus creating an undead mummy when animate dead is cast upon it)
similar skill/spell to above to make skeletons better -- stone bones, petrify bones?
disease tree?
ward undead? - maybe for cleric...
regeneration/enhancement part of body alteration?
minor conjured constructs like my soul serpent suggestion
new spells from Dentin? maybe some spells that require sacrifice of hp as well (cutting your palm open for blood offering, that sort of thing)?

leech spell - necromancer spell, when cast on a target, reduces the duration of target's active spells by some amount. Probably some sort of level check would be thrown against each spell individually. The necromancer gains hitpoints equal to <number of ticks reduced>/5.

soul serpent - creates an ethereal, serpent-like entity that assists the caster in combat. It does a low amount of damage (1dcaster's level, no damroll, hitroll equal to caster level, attacks equal to 20 + 1/2 caster level). The "serpent" lasts for a number of ticks equal to 10 + 1/2 the caster's level, or until it deals an amount of damage equal to the twice the caster's level + 20.

When the duration expires or the maximum damage is done, the serpent dissipates, and the caster regains a number of hitpoints equal to the amount of damage the serpent inflicted. If the soul serpent is dispelled, killed or otherwise destroyed, the caster gains no hitpoints.

spells for 1st level: soul serpent and continual light

EDIT according to the post from December 14th 2009.
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