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 on: November 14, 2018, 02:17:38 pm 
Started by Eridor - Last post by Eridor
Hello al!
I think I shouldn't be posting here, since I'm currently level 32, but I don't see any other option.
First, I have to tell you that English is absolutly not my primary language. I do my best to be understood, but regarding people's reactions in games or in other forums, it's probably more confusing than anything else. But I'll do my best to explain my issue here, hoping some of you will know how to help me.

As I said, I am level 32, lvl 32 warrior and 26 thief to tell only about my main classes.
For several weeks now, I've been wondering the Alter Aeon main land. I'm trying to avoid returning to the islands, because I know I'm not supposed to be there anymore. But here's the thing : for some reasons I'll try to examine further with you, I don't feel comfortable, as if I didn't have the power related to my current level.
Tis is what I'm sure of :
I've made many mistakes with practices. Knowing nothing (as Jon Snow) about the game itself, having less skills in English than I do now, I chose to learn many skills, slightly neglecting my stats. As a result, my natural stats aren't so good. So this is probably an important factor. I try to correct this as much as I can, but it's a tricky thing : practices were far easier to earn at the begining .
Next, and probably the main topic here, my equipment. I'm still learning about the game's mechanisms, and I think I've understood some details about how a warrior should be balanced. The probleme is... everything seems to be important : hitroll, damroll, dex, str, warskill, and it's hard to find pieces of equipment that gives everything, or even part of this. For weapons, it's far more difficult. I have to find a weapon that does enough damage, and that gives me enough stats. To be perfect, this weapon has to allow me to do groundstrikes. And, to be absolutly amazing, I have to find such a weapon for each global situations (skeletons, plants, ethereal creatures...). If I choose a one handed weapon, I have to look for a good shield too.
You might say, as many did before, that this is just the difficulty you find in every game, nd that I have to deal with it. You are right. My probleme is not the number of criteria I have to consider, but the fact that I absolutly don't find any really good piece of equipment. Trust me if I tell you I'm exploring, identify everything I can, even items that doesn't look so good, you never know what you may find . I'm regularly checking the donated items. I try to examine the articles in every shop I find. But nothing seems better than what I have for my level, and I'm pretty sure that's not enough.
I really love this game. To me it's one of the best muds I've ever played. But I don't know how to deal with this. I don't have much gold, but I'm totally ok to spend it all to pay someone who would be kind enough to review my equipment and, maybe, sugest some tipical items for my level that may help me to start on stable bases.

To give you an idea of my situation, I'l put my stats bellow, as well as my current equipment. Remember that I'm lvl 32 warrior, with 107 total levels.

stats :
I have 32/25 str, 15/15 int, 19/17 wis, 23/22 dex, 29/22 con, and 15/15 chr.
I have 14 hitroll, 18 damroll, and my attack speed is fast.
I have 32 strength and attack fast for 3d20+18 damage, with a damage/time of 97.
I have an armor class of 130.

Those are my stats with my equipment of course and spells active.

And now , my equipment :
head        - a fish-shaped helmet  (glow) (alternativly a dwarven mithril helmet)
neck        - a dwarven mithril torque  (glow)
neck        - a unicorn pendant (unique)     (glow)
arms        - a runed titanium armband
wrist       - a dark bone bracer (unique)   
wrist       - a razor barbed bracer (rare)     
hands       - a pair of ranger gloves (artifact) 
finger      - a dionite ring
finger      - a warden's signet ring (rare)     
on body     - an elven chainmail shirt (rare)     
about body  - the pelt of a huge brown bear (artifact) 
waist       - a crackling eel skin belt (artifact) 
legs        - a pair of black war pants (artifact) 
feet        - buckled leather shoes (unique)   
shield      - a ruby inlaid shield (artifact)   (glow)
weapon      - Peacekeeper, sword of order (unique)   

I know this is not an usual asking for help, and that it may sound a little excessive. But I don't know if this is a language probleme, or some bad luck in my search for equipment, but I've seen a lvl 28 necro who was clearly more efficient than I in combat, and I found it a little frightening Cheesy.

I really hope you will accept to help me on my journey through Alter Aeon!

Best regard,

 on: August 15, 2018, 10:04:22 am 
Started by Siren - Last post by Siren
I sold everything I had about 5 years ago and quit playing. I recently picked back up playing out of boredom and would like to aquire some things I once owned as well as get a jump start on my bank account.

I know talon for literally the entire time Ive played sold eq and gold. For a while it was cargo, horo, page, Mason, and several others.

Currently however I've seen noone selling old eq and gold. If there are such people either make a post with everything you have to offer or email me and we can talk. Thanks.

 on: July 02, 2018, 05:59:48 pm 
Started by Pyriel - Last post by Pyriel
Hello! I don't know if this forum is active but I'm brand new and I've got a few questions.
- do I have to multiclass or can I stay in a single class?
- is there roleplay here?
- is there a clan/guild/party system?

Thanks in advance!

 on: December 05, 2017, 07:21:41 pm 
Started by Carrot - Last post by Carrot

I'm a level 47 character who's just started doing level 24 or so areas. I'm afraid I forget their exact names.

Up to now, things have been pretty easy, but now one or two combats wil drain mine and my companion's mana so that we spend more time resting than doing anything else. My primary class is druid, with levels of cleric, mage and thief thrown in in that order.

I tend to call the most powerful animal companion I can, while my necromancer companion uses a zombie and possibly a demon. My primary offensive spell is Flame Strike, seeing as it seems to offer the best mana-damage ratio at the moment.

Anyway, a helpful player told me that most of my equipment was entry level and that I would need to upgrade it before going further and I'm certainly starting to feel the inadequacies in that area. My question is, how do I go about upgrading?

Mana regen items and cast level items are certainly important. I need to improve my mana regen. Thing is that most of the items I find only improve it by two points at most and have few other stats and, of course, it's important to boost other stats as well. I'm reluctant to swap items that improve my saves for mana regen items so I guess I'm asking what the most important stats are, but there's a bigger problem.

By sacrificing corpses and completing quests, you only get a couple of hundred gold a time if you're lucky, whereas everything in the shops, everything that isn't potions that is, costs thousands, I only have 7000 gold and change. Selling things in the shops seems to be worse by far. I valued some chain mail sleaves I was waring, and the shopkeeper blithely told me that they were worth 3000 or so gold but that he would only give me 25 for them. It seems that this is a pattern - that shopkeepers will only buy things for around 1% of the price, which hardly makes it worth recalling every time your inventory is full to sell stuff and then walking back to where you were, particularly since you have to go to so many different shops to sell different classes of item.

I've thought about auctioning stuff, but I don't have a handle on what things sell well on there yet. No-one's gone for the two items I tried putting up there so far.

So what are the best ways to get gold and buy equipment and, having bought it, how do you recoup the gold you've spent in a reasonable time?

Should I be using a weapon for the times when my mana runs out or would I be better with a totem?

Thanks so much for any help you can offer a confused rooky.

 on: January 06, 2017, 12:31:07 am 
Started by Peko - Last post by Peko
Hi everyone, It's good to be back after such a long break.
I wanted to just throw an Idea out there about the tactics tree for warrior for down the road

Special Tactics: part of the tactics tree, you can find special combinations of moves, some cross class even that when completed, created a single move or special. Some may rely on specific weapons or equipment to be created or more effective, such as armor items with damage, or shield/wield combinations. The special could be found through using the combinations, and not necessarily be a strict representation of them. Such as learning a headbutt special from charge/bash/knockback just as an example. What may set the special apart from regularly trained skills is that, like tactic combinations, still may have several steps to it that inflict damage. The downside for some of them may be that you have to wait until the special is complete before you can retreat. The benefit being a more condensed attack than a completed tactic, meaning more damage/time. After the special is found, it would need to be trained and improved, perhaps just by use, or with the aid of a trainer and the use of combat points. the special would then be a part of the tactics tree.

another thought is including magic in the mix - spells like shard storm, harm, turn, or lightning for example that are combined with the special. This may require changes to cross class tactics, or another branch from cross class tactics.

What do you think?

 on: October 11, 2016, 05:22:53 am 
Started by Verus - Last post by Dentin
The 'empty' command lets you dump things out, but it's safer to use the 'get' command instead:

look in sack
get itemname sack
get all.itemname sack
get all sack

There's a lot of options when using the 'get' commands.

 on: September 29, 2016, 08:24:16 am 
Started by Verus - Last post by Verus
Hi all,

I have really fallen in love with this game and I am having alot of fun. My inventory seems to fill up really quickly.  I picked up two small sacks and managed to put items in them.  Unfortunately I can not figure out whats in them or how to get rid of the items in them or take the items out of the sacks.

Any help on how to empty the sacks would be very welcome.

Thanks and regards,


 on: June 02, 2016, 05:38:19 pm 
Started by xandre - Last post by Draak
And coincidentally... A button for the map and a way to undock/dock it as well.

There isn't a map button, but the map is un-dockable from the "Maps" menu of the dclient. I've undocked it and run it on a secondary monitor before, all biggie-sized.

 on: June 01, 2016, 02:59:28 am 
Started by xandre - Last post by Dentin
Thanks.  What you're asking for is more than a little bit of work, but I've been tossing around the idea anyway.  I'll put it on the queue.

 on: May 31, 2016, 02:01:21 pm 
Started by xandre - Last post by xandre
I would like to request a way for the stats/eq/inv/ect button popups to dock inside the client for those of us with larger resolution monitors.

And coincidentally... A button for the map and a way to undock/dock it as well.

Just something to hopefully consider for a quality of life update if/when the next client version is pushed out.

You guys have done a great job in regards to the client.

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