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Author Topic: need help with tank build  (Read 6898 times)
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« on: January 01, 2010, 10:50:23 pm »

For my first play of Alter Aeon ive decided to go "warrior". assuming that this is the primary tank class, I would like to know from seasoned veterans what are the primary stats i should focus on the most? I was thinking of spending all my stat points on strength and dexterity only. Is this a wise choice?  Grin
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« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2010, 06:33:55 am »

If I'm building a tank character, I level warrior/thief/cleric/mage, in that order.  That gives you maximum hit points, and allows you to get the mid level cleric spells that can't be cast by someone else, such as protection from evil.

For stats, focusing too much on them will cost you.  Dexterity is probably most important for a defensive tank, in that the dex helps you dodge and parry blows, and increases the usefulness of defensive fighting.  If you want to make an offensive warrior, strength is more useful as it increases damage and allows the use of heavier weapons.

I'd make sure you get the skills you need first, then train the stats later.  Be absolutely sure you get parry from warrior and dodge from thief practiced as high as you can as soon as you get them.  They're very powerful defensive skills and take a very long time to improve, so get started as soon as you can.

For pure defensive, you'll want rescue, defensive fighting, protector, increased stamina, retreat, second wind, tanking, iron claw, armored skin, and possibly valor.  For offensive, I generally use a leap attack/trip/berserk combination, but the other offensive skills have their place and I use them when appropriate.

Regarding stats specifically, it's a good idea to keep at least 17/13 wis/int, so you can cast the low level cleric spells.  For protection from evil, you'll need 22/18, which is pretty high.  You can get some of that from equipment, but you'll want to have a reasonable base to start from.  I normally expect to see something like 21/18/20/20/18/13 for tanking stats at 70 total, because they all have value (except for charisma) for tanking.  If you're a tank and you're trying to start fights, charisma is less valuable than the others.

I've found it's generally pretty hard to screw up as long as I don't completely blow all my practices trying to train stats early.  Skills are the mainstay of your character, and with them you can do a lot more than if you're lacking them.  Don't cripple yourself by trying to get your stats to 25 right off the bat.  I often keep 10-20 spare practices around, just in case I need to get a skill real quick or train a stats for some reason.

Good luck!
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« Reply #2 on: January 02, 2010, 03:11:44 pm »

 I'd really hate to argue with Dentin on anything, but I definitely have to disagree on a lot of points. Your main concerns in making a tank character are your stats, early on, when practices are easy to come by and plentiful. Con is the most important as it directly affects your hit point totals when levelling. When you're the one taking the beating all the time, you want a lot of hit points. Dex is very important, as Dentin said, for dodge and parry. BUT so is Str. You may notice when fighting weak mobs that they are sometimes "too weak to parry your blows." Str is also requisite for most warrior weapons of any value, whether hitting or tanking, as well as shields. And don't be afraid to MAX THE STATS EARLY! Run them right up to 25, because it gets a lot more time consuming and difficult to do it later on. And it's always nice to reap the benefits of maxxed stats early on, as well. As a side note, for those times when you're hitting, of which you will have plenty, Str also directly affects your total movement, the same as Con affects your hit point total. And all of the aggressive combat skills use movement.
 As far as EQ is concerned, look for things with good ac values, and no other effects, and make sure they're Type: ARMOR when you identify them, as these items are enchantable by higher level clerics. There are multitudes of other players who can enchant EQ for you, and most are readily willing to do so (chances for easy exp and the possibility of bragging rights are what make the clerics what we are Cheesy ). Other things to look for in tank EQ, other than the base ac value, are Effects by hit points, Con, -armor, Dex, Str, hp regen, parry, and the rarest of all, dodge. Parry and dodge effects on EQ directly effect your skill value when fighting, and can be IMMENSELY useful. After all, if they can't touch you, they can't kill you. A lot of the staple enchantable EQ in the game is lower- to mid-level, and surprisingly easy to run, so keep your eyes open while you explore new areas as you progress through the game.


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