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Author Topic: Sub-class?  (Read 3134 times)
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« on: May 09, 2010, 02:53:42 pm »

When Dentin told me he had shit to do, I decided to post here.. instead. So I saw some of the classes and there's suppose to be 4-6. Instead of having these classes up and going with all the rest, why not subclass them? And not even for a specfic class, but make your first and second conjoin into one. For instance I saw necromancer, and paladin. So if I was a cleric/warrior of vice versa I would obviously fit into the paladin category. Gaining levels would be different as you would require levels from each class? Like for level 1 paladin you need 5 cleric and 5 warrior and such. So my levels would be as followed:
mage 25 cleric 31 thief 20 warrior 30 Paladin: 6 necromancer 5 druid...some other shit...2
obviously it would be level six and such, but do you see what I'm saying?

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« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2010, 05:43:15 pm »

I had definitely considered this, but this kind of scheme really just doesn't do what I want nearly as well as additional real classes do.  Just to clarify some of the things that I like about new classes:

- I intend the skill and spell trees to be substantially different, different enough to justify their own classes.

- Adding extra classes makes it more difficult to be 'all classes' and get everything in the game on a single character.

- It substantially adds to the number of levels people can get, as well as the difficulty associated with them.

- There's a lot more 'level overlap' with subclassing the way you describe, where people would naturally fall into various subclasses simply be leveling (since they have to level something), and not by conscious decision.  Basically just by leveling, you'd happen to get access to some subclass material even if you didn't really mean to.

At any rate, I'm pretty sure that subclassing in this style is firmly off the table at this point in time.
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