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Author Topic: BACKSTAB NOTIFY'S  (Read 3313 times)
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« on: August 17, 2010, 03:09:27 pm »

I must say the recent change to backstabbing notify sits poorly with me and i would like to understand why it was changed, my backstab runs on low level mobs where never for experience purposes they where solely for trying to get achievement stabs and where always done when the area was clear of new players wanting to run it. Once i had fulfilled my achievement stabs i would have stopped this type of run as it bore no other purpose, it was fun and took little time to do which suited my current activities outside of the mud, i would like to know if it was causing any problems other than pissing of the creator because i was not killing some big ass demon.
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« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2010, 04:01:30 pm »


When I statted you, you looked with high probability like you were a bot, so I assumed you were doing it for the experience.  Since it's clear now that you weren't botting, I apologize.

As for why the change, it's pretty simple:  you, Craig, are level 33 with 129 total levels.  That area is level 13, with mobs suitable for characters with 27 total levels.  You are roughly 100 times more powerful than the boss mobs there.  If you're running exp there, with a 100 level difference between you and the area, something is broken.  The same idea holds if you're trying to run a backstab achievement there.

Was it hurting anyone?  Yes, but not a tremendous amount.  Mob exp and load probability are/were mangled because you were in there, but those should be back to normal after a few weeks and a few newbie runs to reset the exp stats.

But the big concern isn't so much hurting other people as inconsistency:  if you, at total 129, find it advantageous to stay in a level 13 area as opposed to an area closer to your level to achieve a game goal, something is wrong.  Either the area is broken, or the code is broken.  My change was an attempt to fix the code.  Apparently, I need to modify that change somewhat, given that you were running multiplier achievements instead of exp.

I'll go partway on this for you:  the current thwack zone is pretty harsh, and I can see problems with finding enough critters near your level to get the achievement in a reasonable time frame.  It's a bunch of extra code, but I can set up the thwack zone so it's a lot wider and will let you run things down in the total 90 exp range.  You should still be able to find reasonably easy mobs to stab, just not on the islands.  You'll probably end up nuking the mid-level mainland exp zones I usually use, but that's ok.
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