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Author Topic: another necromancer information spell: speak with dead  (Read 23867 times)
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« on: April 16, 2011, 07:10:20 am »

Ok, so you cast this spell on a corpse (wouldn't work on animal corpses and whatnot). The corpse (or perhaps the spirit or the blood) would then inform the caster of one or several different things, presented in what I believe are the strongest to weakest possibilities:

1) who or what killed it, if they know (if they were killed by darkened, invis, hidden, etc. enemy).

2) its alignment while living

3) what it was wearing when it died

4) where they died, if it was in a different room

5) spells effecting it on death

You would have to account for different things, such as indirect deaths from spell effects and poisoning, custom mob corpses, zloaded corpses and so on.

If included in the spiritlore tree, it would probably be between Durham's and rotting sphere. When cast on a corpse, the spell would summon the creature's spirit which would deliver the information (the "spirit" could only be visible to the caster and just be a series of strings with the information)

If included in the blood tree, it would probably be between rancid flesh and ironblood but not necessarily a prerequisite for the latter. In this case, the caster would taste some of the corpse's blood as part of the spell and have the information come to him. It would follow the same usability prereqs as blood sacrifice. Rancid flesh and foulblood would prevent the spell from working.

Nothing special there.
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