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Author Topic: Future Druid ish ness  (Read 7347 times)
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« on: April 30, 2011, 09:46:49 am »

Had some thoughts on druid spells


saturate - a low level spell that drenches your enemy in water, making them heavier and cold.

rip current - while in water(maybe), causes a flow of water in a designated direction moving enemies away from the caster. Works in the opposite manner as lightning flash.

hydro shift - displaces a volume of water with breathable air while submerged.

surge - the caster creates and sends a rolling surge of water at it's opponent. acts as a combination of a damage spell and trip.

hydro column - raises a column-like vortex of water, temporarily drowning and disorientating enemy with some damage.  and/or
hydro sphere - draws water from all nearby sources, encapsulating your enemy in a turbulent sphere of water.

-either spell could have effects such as: drowning, leth-like affects, reducing damage taken (enemy), reducing ability to cause damage, confusion-like affects, minor to medium damage. With the right saves and spells it could be used as a defensive tank spell as well as offensive. Could be used in conjunction with controlling weather/sky tree - making it rain.

hydro vortex - creates a vortex of water surrounding the room you're in. Works similar to ice wall except blocks every direction. Can also be used for trapping wimpy mobs, or for mobs that want to kick your ass.

hydro smash - the caster concentrates to forcibly bring two bodies of water together on an opponent. Room damage operates similar to cone of cold. Slower casting rate, higher damage, stun effects.


Turbulence - similar to earthquake but for flying mobs. light-ish damage. drain on mv and/or decreased agility. small but constant drain on mana.


hurling stones - a low level spell where the caster hurls individual stones from the ground at their enemy.


camouflage - create stealthy bonus clothing (for inventory 1 slot) from your environment. (only works in similar rooms to where you got it from)

fiber, stone, gem, metal harvest tree - the ability to harvest fibers and other materials to build clothing, armor, weapons etc. used in conjunction with enchant armor and enchant weapon to give additional attributes.

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