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Author Topic: Massive Thief Class Update  (Read 2780 times)
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« on: July 26, 2011, 07:33:11 pm »

This weekend, we uploaded a rather large thief skill update containing lot of changes and new skills:

- A whole group of new 'shadow' skills has been added.  See
  'help thief shadow' for details.

- You can now 'build' grenades, using spell components
- Grenade skills give reagent lore for specific spell component
  types used in grenades

- Poison damage has been changed
- Poisoned food now does something
- You can now unpoison weapons
- The brew poison recipes have all changed
- Some advanced/exotic poison effects have been added
- Poison food can now poison corpses
- Magic poison antidotes have been removed and are no longer needed.

- There's been a major rework to poison antidotes
- You can 'use' antidotes, see also the 'antidotes' command

- A new 'survey' skill has been added at level 8

- A new 'withdraw' skill has been added at level 12

- Lock picking now uses an event based system that improves your
  odds the longer you stick with it
- An 'examine lock' skill added at level 19 to speed up lock picking
- Lock picking is now 4 practices instead of 8

- Contortionism lowered from level 22 to level 19

- Scouting lowered from level 35 to level 34

These updates really help fill out the thief skill tree, and provide
new and interesting things for thieves to do.  Please let us know
what issues you run into.

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