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Author Topic: Druid spell and skill trees  (Read 7915 times)
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« on: July 17, 2013, 07:42:55 pm »

This is the beta version of an incomplete rough draft of possible spell and skill trees for the upcoming druid/ranger/shaman/witchdoctor class.  The groups that are marked 'weak' are basically just some crap I threw together.  Groups that are marked 'solid' I could probably implement as is.

One possible problem with these groups is that many of them are terrain or environment specific, instead of being usable everywhere.  In order for that to really work well as a class, it means that there has to be a lot more available options to cover most of the bases.  It should also mean that many of the environmentally specific things should cost less to keep the number of required practices sane.

rune magic (halfway solid)
NOTE - runes could be the druid's contribution to enchanting items
    carving skill, you carve wood into various random shapes
      harvest bone
        scrimshaw - carvings of bone or ivory - scrimshawing a whale's tooth, for example, was something sailors were known for
    rune stonework/masonry perhaps
      runes to protect rooms/raise regen (possibly powered by starlight)
      collect starlight - hp wastelands of time collecting starlight in runed bottles
      collect sunlight  - use produces sunlight spell
      collect moonlight - moonbeam/nonorm ice damage

weather control (fairly solid)
    control weather                  8 - control weather water/cold/hot/clear/storm
      call thunder                     - area fear effects
        call lightning                 - hits current melee target, "you feel the charge of a lightning strike building, and direct it at %1!"
      impenetrable fog              12 - duration spell which reduces visibility, foundation for ice fog/blizzard/etc
x       ice fog                     15 - foundation for blizzard anf freezing rain
x         blizzard                  28 - cooldowns based on available moisture
            freezing rain              - druid version of ice imprison, heh
            hailstone                  - very localized, has startup timer and cooldown based on available moisture
              hailstorm                - cooldowns based on available moisture

air (fairly solid)
    gust of wind spell - good vs flying and "air" types
      tempest - area affect breath damage
        hurricane/whirlwind/cyclone/tornado - pick mobs up and prevent melee attacks while also doing damage
      still air - breathsave shield/spell
        windbreaker - room based, localized global filter against breath weapons
          sunflower - first attempt at solar focusing, produces roving beams of sunlight that do area damage over time, like chain
            sunstorm - lens focusing
              bloodmoon - lens focusing, buffs roots/creepers other druid/animal spells, causes minions to go berserk in combat
            eclipse - inverse lens focusing, throws room into twilight, probably not useful.  Also counters sunstorm and sunflower

plants (fairly solid)
x   foraging
      plant lore - shows what can be foraged in a given area, allows herb foraging
x     create food                               14 cle
x       entangling roots                        24 cle - limit some of these to places where dirt is possible?
          blackberry bramble                           - spiked entangling style attacker
          poison creeper                               - poisonous version
          vampiric creeper                             - life stealing/mana stealing entangling roots
          rising forest, area entangle and separation

brewing (weak)
    brew salve/poultice
      the hpmor acorn spell
      barkskin brew
      defoliate - brewed, empty room causes nosun forest rooms to become sun-enabled/open sky for a while

earth (weak)
x   earthquake                                  15 cle
x     squeaky floors                            19 cle
        earth golem
        stone elemental/stone fists?
      fists of stone - fists rise up out of the ground to do damage or something.  This would look stupid if it happened 38 times in a row
        shambling mound?  could go in water as well

water (very weak)
NOTE - perhaps specific to in-water situations
      swampfoot - gives solid footing on mud
x       create water                            19 cle
        tidal wave
        whirlpool - for use underwater
    earth to mud

animal (fairly solid)
    calm animal - drops aggression on creature
      spook - animal specific fear
      animal magnetism/charisma - raises chr around animals
      charm animal
x       animal lore                               12 cle
          know territory - color flag detection outdoors - "this looks like the edge of something's territory"
          call animal - stag (elk, deer, gazelle?), wolf (coyote, wolf), cat (bobcat, lynx, panther), bear (black, brown, grizzly)
            nightwing - call a bat and see through it's eyes, move around similar to free spirit, but in puppet form, not possess form

insects (very weak)
    parasite sounds cool and would give us evil druids
    black widow - poison damage, perhaps like bloodmist
    insect plague
    swarm of scarab beetles, comes out of everywhere, goes back to same place

survival skills (weak)
x   mountaineering
x   forest nav
x   butchering
x   fishing
x   skinning
    tanning - simple sort of thing that takes hides and turns it into the various 'fingerwear made of hide' objects

druid hexes (perhaps 'favor of the fae'?) (weak)
    fairie fire?
      fairy fog?
    blight, kills plants and lowers foraging in a room
    mortal fear (spook) - adds superwimp flag for a while

change form (very weak)
    striders blessing - move regen spell
    feral mind
      beast claws
        werewolf?  heh
    cats eye - infravision/extended sight?

x   sense life                                10 cle
    dark offering
    summon spirits, eg earth/air/water
    delay or stop poison - temporarily stop poison downtick and cut damage by factor of four
    spellstaff - store a single spell cast by caster in a staff object - poor mans store power probably
    fire seeds - acorns and berries become grenades
    liveoak - converts tree into treant guardian (minion)
    hoarfrost - frozen morning dew
    open the heavens - break cloud cover for a short time via brute force - probably incompatible with control weather
    snowblind - probably dont need anymore icy weather spells
      rainbow aura              18
      solar flare               20
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« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2013, 07:56:10 pm »

freezing rain == sleet

sense life -> part of "change form" tree, add in mage body alteration spells dexterity, strength and haste in this tree, too, maybe just call it body alteration tree or metabolism tree or something

delay or stop poison - use the word "venom" in the name, make it one of the poultices for druid brewing

ice fog is a lame name, call it "hoarfrost" -> chill fog does initial area damage, freezes on ground to cause possible slipping hazard for a few rounds

More to come

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« Reply #2 on: July 18, 2013, 06:30:36 am »


carving skill -> wood carving -- make effigy figures to be used with hexes and animal charming skills, or just to show to your friends.

harvest bone is unnecessary. Have bones be a byproduct of butchering.

moonlight/starlight/sunlight -- have the runes for these be on leather charm bags instead of bottles, which are made from skins from the skinning and tanning skills.

spellstaff -> woodrunes or carve totem, dependent on woodcarving, allows storing of druid spells in wooden staffs, cudgels, clubs and rods

As there is lots of synergy with other trees possible here, this tree should start at around level 20-25.


Fold brew tree into plants. Plant lore and prepare poultice become depedent on forage, a very natural evolution, which leads to the barkskin poultice and the acorn spell. Poultices are generally made from bundles of herbs anyway.

Defoliate and blight should be the same spell/ability

fire seeds - acorns and berries become grenades -> excellent idea to use on foraged items

liveoak - converts tree into treant guardian (minion). -> Murlock phytomancers already do this, why not players?


needs some help: start the tree off with a simple rock shooter, maybe pebble storm? Maybe stonefist can go here, launch a fist of stone at a target?

Avalanche would be an awesome spell for here, useable in hill and mountain terrain.

"The avalanche has already started. It is too late for the pebbles to vote."

Earth golem and stone elemental -> earth simulacrum and stone simulacrum. Earth has more hp and hpregen but less armor than stone. Stone also has normsave. Murlock geomancers have simulacrums as minions. Golems tend to be more complex constructions. Make your game cohesive.

Magma simulacrum for LAVA terrain! Also, think geothermal vents and vulcanism for some ideas here, too.

Stoneskin needs to go here. Replace it in mage with 'crystal scales', a high level spell that creates a linked, flexible mesh of thin crystal scales around the target that gives the subject normsave. The new stoneskin does flat reduction of damage similar to faith shield, but doesn't protect from nonorm and pound damage types. Stacks with faith shield.

Stone shield -- create a druid-friendly shield of stone?


maybe add some of these to the weather tree, ditch the weaker ones?


woodcarving effigy figures could be used as components to increase the probability of success with these spells.


should be a branch in the animal tree. Don't forget the locusts...


make a more cohesive tree, probably starting with forest navigation

swampfoot as a skill should go in here instead of water -> reduces movement through SWAMP, MARSH and STREAM terrains, allows you to traverse across SWAMP terrain without a boat

Maybe something like:

forest navigation

You have to know how to navigate the forest in order to hunt, and then hunting leads nicely into butchering and skinning.
Skinning allows you to make skins, then tanning allows you to make charm bags to use with starlight/moonlight/sunlight abilities and possibly other items.

firestarting -- get rid of the dumb tinderbox requirement. Druids can find seed pods filled with fluff, bird nests and other hidden caches of dry tinder with their knowledge of the wild.

Swimming and fishing don't necessarily need to be in this tree.



Maybe if cast normally they last a short amount of time like cleric curses, but if used with woodcarving effigy figures they last for a much longer duration.


Let's face it: this is the mage body alteration tree and needs to be treated as such. If you intend on adding these spells, there is no defense for mages keeping body alteration. The fact they've always had it is irrelevant: clerics have always had faerie fire, sunlight and earthquake.

Strider's blessing -> longstrider. Clerics do blessings, not druids.

Waterbreathing, infravision, dexterity, strength and haste all belong here.

An "endurance" spell to increase constitution or movement limit would be great.

Sense life
can go here.


Take presence from cleric and make it a mage illusion spell.

"Transmute" -> in the mage brewing tree, gain the ability to brew transmutation potions, which when poured on a composition METAL, COPPER-BASED or IRON object turns it into gold coins, the number of which are dependant on the original item's weight and the internal gold

"Return" spell -> dependent on summon, cast it on your items you intend to throw. If they miss their target, they have a strong chance of teleporting back to your inventory. Each teleport lessens the duration of the spell.

"Magnetism" -> in the lightning tree. Compensating for their loss of the strength spell, this allows mages to wield metal weapons (even non-ferrous ones, be generous) higher than what their strength would normally allow them to and also makes such weapons more difficult to disarm.

Split out summon elemental spells into lesser and full strength versions.
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« Reply #3 on: July 19, 2013, 04:50:39 am »

After discussions with Dentin and Morpheus:

infravision -- as is, the name doesn't match the effect. Are you seeing thermal images? Undead, golems, etc. wouldn't be very visible, then. Also, there a lot of mobs that have glowing red eyes in the dark that actually shouldn't, from amber jellies to little peasant girls.

Give similar abilities to three classes:

mage eye -> retooling of infravision proper into a mage illusion spell. Light entering the mage's eye is amplified, sort of like night vision technology. The mage can see in environments that normally appear completely dark. However, looking into and scanning through dark rooms yields no result, as the resolution becomes too low.

cat's eye -> a druid change shape spell, modifies their eyes to be biologically similar to that of a nocturnal predator. The caster can see in darkness, though only room shorts are visible in complete darkness. They can look into and scan across nearby rooms regardless of illumination, though scanning ranges are halved in complete darkness.

shadow sight -> for thieves, a shadow channeled skill. The thief can see in total darkness. They can also look into and scan into dark rooms, as long as all consecutive rooms are dark. They cannot look into or scan lit rooms, though they can see normally within a lit room if they are in it.

Mage can keep strength and dexterity, though some reflavoring may be necessary:

strength -> becomes a force field spell, where the mage reinforces his body with shifting planes of force.

dexterity -> becomes a lightning spell, where the mage manipulates his own motor neurons with minute jolts of electricity.

Haste and waterbreathing move to druid. Stoneskin becomes crystal scales and a new stoneskin spell with somewhat different mechanics is made for druid. Mages gain crystal sphere, a spell that encases the target's head in a large waterproof bowl that allows them to dive underwater for extended periods.

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« Reply #4 on: July 23, 2013, 01:53:52 pm »

Rune magic or weather
Sun focus
This spell will gather a beam of sunlight and focus it onto a player in hopes of diffusing the shadows that bind them.

Poison ivy
Druid makes a concoction that could cause itching skin to the attacker.

Earth spikes
Could be only used in caves or the like.
Stalagmites come up from the ground and stalactites come down from the ceiling spearing an opponent or group of opponents.

Earth spear
Forms a spear that can be used as a weapon

Stalagmite or stalactite club
Forms a club that can be used as a weapon

**maybe on the above weapon ideas maybe runes or the like can be carved into them.**

I still think we should change nightwing from bat to a raven since bats are normally blind.

Insect stuff
Swarm of bees, hornets or wasps
A swarm of bees surround an opponent stinging them through any gaps in their armor (might due pois damage)

Black widow spider weave
A wave of black widows come from everywhere and begin weaving a web around the opponent, hindering movement, ability to retreat and overall damage they can do.
(maybe pois damage)

Parasites gather into the hands of the druid and are thrown into the face of the attacker, causing nausea.

Scorpion attack
Druid calls upon a band of scorpions to swarm around the feet of an opponent.
Damage could be more or less based upon the opponent’s foot ac.

Mosquito cloud
A cloud of mosquitoes swarm around an opponent biting them and causing itching skin.

A wave of dragonflies flies into the room causing nonelemental breath damage.
The damage inflicted could be very low.

Change form
Morph into a bear str increases limited to mainly power types of damage like bash.

morph into a bobcat Increase in dex limited to quick attacks like leap.

Morph into a horse increases stamina maybe limited to kick and bash type attacks.

Morph into a raven allows them to explore an area with flight and better sight.

Morph into a squirrel Allows them to climb and do the nutcracker attack hee

Morph into an owl increases int and wis, allows flight, although lowers defense.

Each of the above could also have a different night transformation, although with the way day and night is not sure if it would work.

Bear could turn into a were or dire bear, bobcat into a werecat etc.

I still like the idea where the druid could carve on bone runes that would give that item or minion that elemental saves or give them that elemental type.

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« Reply #5 on: July 25, 2013, 04:37:27 pm »


photosynthesis (or sundrinker if you prefer something more RP):
The user gains increased hp and move regeneration dependent on ambient lighting. Full sunlight and sunlight spells get a large regen bonus, darkness gets none.

thorn skin:
The player grows thorns from their skin, giving them a small amount of piercing damage reflection.

also, for defoliate -- in addition to any other effects, have it temporarily alter the local terrain. Swamp is treated like marsh. Dark forest and jungle are treated as thick forest, thick forest like light forest and light forest like field.

I dig poison ivy and all the insect types. Maybe a generic insect swarm spell attracts different types of arthropods dependent on the terrain -- scorpions for desert and sandy, mosquitos in swamp, jungle and marsh, cockroaches in towns and cities, locusts in fields and wasteland, crabs on the beach, bees/wasps/hornets in most other terrains
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