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Author Topic: god favor and buffs - pass zero  (Read 2594 times)
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« on: February 25, 2014, 11:32:56 pm »

A few ideas and a suggestion for an alternative system instead of a buffing the player temporarily enchant an item.  Item is flagged as only useable by followers of that god.  Adding a follower only flag would also give builders the ability to create a few perm holy items and quests.  Consider adding unique spell castings and/or high level casting of existing spells. Consider making some of the ideas intrinsic abilities i.e. faster eps.   Some rough examples for each god:-

Dentin, god of creation
item affect:        random
spell:                random
unique spell:      create item - randomly creates an item and puts in player's inv.
intrinsic:            better at enchanting and creating items

Shadowfax, god of elemental fire
item affect:        firesave,  material to fire, fire damage
spell:                fireball, burning hands, fireshield etc  (fire spells)
intrinsic:            +5/10 firesave, improved bonfires?, improved fire spells

Draak, god of elemental ice
item affect:        coldsave, material to ice, ice damage
spell:                chill touch, iceshield, ice wall etc (ice spells)
intrinsic:            +5/10 coldsave, improved ice spells

Morpheus, god of dreams
item affect:        mregen, mvregen, hpregen
unique spell:      daydream - causes a mob to go into deathly sleep
intrinsic:            better at sleeping

Gandor, god of enlightenment
item affect:        mana, wis
spell:                solace, haven, hallowed ground
intrinsic:            increased chance of spell improvement (betters)

Xael, prophet of the sun
item affect:       absorbfire
spell:                solar flare, suncatcher, sundrinker
unique spell:      solar eclipse (blocks out sun making it dark and cold)
intrinsic:            improved suncatchers and sun based spells

Fikh, prophet of the moon
item affect:         absorbice
unique spell:       warewolf - morphs into warewolf
intrinsic:             better regen at night

Vember, goddess of quiet insanity
item affect:        cursed
spell:                feeble, forgetfulness, confusion, dispair
intrinsic:            greater resistance against mind spells/curses.

Byung, goddess of blood
item affect:        hp
spell:                bloodmist, foulblood (blood spells)
intrinsic:           improved bloodsacs, blood spells

Islaine, goddess of valor
item affect:       con, hpregen
spell:               valor
intrinsic:           improved valor, moral

Bobcat, god of visions and healing
item affect:       hpregen
spell:               area heal, breath of life (full heal)
intrinsic:           slight improvement on healing spells. few extra points hpregen.

Talos, the destroyer
item affect:        attacks, dam, hit
spell:                dispel, remove curse, remove poison
unique spell:      group rage - all attacking players go berserk/blood rage
intrinsict:           increased chance of cps, improved berserk/blood rage

Kenai, chaos [exiled]
item affect:       evil flag, neg align, anti-good, anti-neut
spell:               detect evil, ward good
intrinsic:           less affected by evil offset

Cygnii, god of lies
item affect:       chr, int
spell:               overconfidence, presence
intrinsic:           improved bribe, cheaper shop prices

Wyvren, god of stories and legend
item affect:       chr, mv
spell:               charm
unique spell:     story of awe, epic tale - transfixes a target similar to hold undead.
intrinsic:           faster eps, improved lore, dragon defence/slay, fast talking

Tarrant, minion of darkness
item affect:       sneak, hide
spell:               darken
intrinsic:           perm infra, cloak of darkness

Squeak, god of the night, god of rats
item affect:       sneak, hide
spell:               cloak of darkness, darken, sick touch
unique spell:     plague of rats - creates a plague of rats minion
intrinsic:           perm infra, +10% to casting at night

Heart, god of love & magic
item affect:       magecast
spell:               fly, summon, water breathing etc (general mage spells)
unique spell:     love spell (charm)
intrinsict:         +1 perm magecast

Reorx, patron of warriors
item affect:       warriorskill
spell:                none
intrinsic:           +1 perm warriorskill, improved and/or cheaper warrior skills.

Schlyne, goddess of death
item affect:       necrocast
spell:               tarrants spectral hand, dying breath, pray for dying, dread
intrinsic:          +1 perm necrocast, less xp/skill loss on death

Slamin, god of philosophy
item affect:        clercast
spell:                detect invis,  detect evil, holy weapon
intrinsic:            +1 perm clercast, wis. improved waypointing

Shift, god of thieves
item affect:      thiefskill
spell:               none
unique spell:     gives high level bomb comp
intrinsic:           +1 perm thiefskill, increase backstab, pickpocket chance etc

Xandar, god of nature
item affect:        druidcast
spell:                vampiric vines, call animal (druid plant, animal)
intrinsic:            +1 perm druidcast, improve animal/plant lore, brewing with herbs

Grolantor, god of beer and adventure
item affect:        str, armor
spell:                feeble, forgetfulness
unique spell:      drunkeness - impairs mob's dex, int, mv etc
intrinsic:           faster rate of eps, potions work at higher level, immune to drunkenness.

Taran, the snake
item affect:        poisonsave, mv
spell:                slow poison  (poison spells)
intrinsic:            better poison resistance and brewing

Coolbeans, god of mischief
item affect:        random neg/pos affect, change flags, change material, destroys item etc
spell:                dirt throwing, confusion, teleport, group teleport, nox, camouflage object
intrinsic:            improved pickpocket, hide, cheaper cost of summoning demons

Glorida, goddess of the sky
item affect:       breathsave
spell:                hailstorm, control weather (druid sky stuff)
intrinsic:            perm featherfall

Mutt, god of canines
item affect:        dam, mv
spell:                 roar, spook animal, calm animal, sense life
intrinsic:             know terrain (50%), improved animal lore

Dowart, the judge
item affect:        align (cancels align restriction makes usable for followers)
spell:                remove curse, curse ward, know align
unique spell:      scales of Justice (passes judgment on a mob than casts random attack/imprisonment/buff or hands out death sentence (dies instantly or over X ticks))
intrinsic:            perm neut (if align goal set 0), able to id any item.

All gods
spell:                bless, armor, faith shield, sanctuary, resurrect (full xp)
intrinsic:            better at recalling

Example syntax:-
favor list                             - what can be used
favor cast <spell> <target>  - if no target given defaults to self. If successful, God momentarily appears and directly uses spell/skill at their set level.
favor cast random                 - random buff spell (for dentin followers)
favor enchant <item>           - Adds the specific affects randomly to item (if empty slot). To prevent overpowering affects wouldn't stack and would take the composite of the item into account.  Item is flagged so can only be used by followers of that god and fades over time.
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