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Author Topic: Mage-craft tree and basic magics  (Read 11254 times)
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« on: March 10, 2014, 04:02:26 am »

Mage crafting tree:

embroider runes
   forge runes
     imbue shield
     craft golem
        craft metal golem
   store power

embroider runes – sew elemental runes into fabric to give them elemental resistances and absorption. You need the requisite elemental focus skill to make runes for that element. Perhaps this could be a replacement for tailoring, or something to do with tailored items. Uses a small amount of gold to account for sewing supplies.

forge runes – add elemental runes to enchantable metallic objects to give them elemental resistances and absorption.

The above to skills are the weakest conceptually, as they would run into balance issues similar to druid rune crafting, as well as overlapping with the rune carving skills.

Move store power to this tree, make it dependent on forge runes. Or, if the above rune skills are not implemented, make it the foundation skill of the magecraft tree.

imbue shield – this skill infuses an enchantable shield with elemental magic, giving it the appropriate dtype (fire, cold or lightning). It requires a spellcomp with a matching affinity. The shield must have enough composite to allow the change as well.

The craft golem skill requires a massive weight in rock, crystal or glass composition objects. The crafting creates the body. You must then summon an elemental to bind into the body as a power source. If you have this skill, you can use any summon elemental spells you know on a crafted golem body in order to animate it. The golem will have resistances to the damage type corresponding to the elemental bound to it. Golems have the MAGICAL EARTH HUMANOID mtype. Golems made from glass have the CRYSTALLINE mtype instead of EARTH and weak damage reflection which increases the more damaged they are. Crystal golems have strong spellsave and the CRYSTALLINE mtype instead of EARTH.

Craft metal golem functions much the same as craft golem, but requires metal composition objects (duh). Metal golems have the MAGICAL MECHANICAL HUMANOID mtype. They have fewer hitpoints but higher AC than stone/glass/crystal golems.

Golems cost about as many control points as elementals. They would be useful in situations where you need a minion with an elemental’s damage type resistance, but don’t want the minion dealing out that kind of damage.

I was thinking of maybe having skills for crafting clay golems as well, but the game makes no distinction between clay and rock as far as object composition.  Perhaps it could be added if it looked for the keyword ‘clay’ in an object’s insult?

I am strongly suggesting this method because it is very similar to the system devised by Tarrant for his golem minions, and would be a fitting tribute to his legacy and would also maintain in-game continuity.

I am really feeling that scribing scrolls should become a skill under the basic magic tree, and that the basic magic tree should be universal. Mages would gain mage-crafting to compensate. Scrolls from all the magic classes already exist, so it would not contradict anything already in the game, and with potions saving, I don’t think it would be game-breaking if the cost is high enough. The tree would look something like this:

detect magic
    spell lore
      scribe lesser scroll
        scribe greater scroll
  dispel magic
    maintaining spells

Scribe lesser scroll allows you to create scrolls of any level 20 or lower spell that you know at exceptional or better. The castlevel of scroll itself would be determined by your skill level and character level. Castlevel equipment does not help you make more powerful scrolls. The skill uses a small amount of gold for paper and supplies, and a large amount of mana.

You need a spell component with the appropriate spell or spell group affinity to make the ink for scribing. We may need more affinities –force fields, basic magics, crystal, harm, spectral rot?
If the above is used, perhaps potions could also be used to make the ink as well?
Druid scrolls could use herbs instead of spellcomps?
If the above is used, perhaps druid salves could be used to make scrolls as well?

Scribe greater scroll works the same as above, except you can scribe scrolls for spells up to level 40.

This could be broken down into three or four tiers if desired, or combined into a single skill.

Nothing special there.
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