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Author Topic: necromancer skill -- brew slime  (Read 4164 times)
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« on: March 10, 2014, 04:04:47 am »

So we've got slimes, jellies, oozes and blobs all over the game. Some of them make sense as natural creatures like fungi, colonies of microorganisms, macro-cellular entities and primitive jellyfish-like entities adapted to land environments. There are others, like in the mad alchemist's castle, that are clearly magical creations.

So what if we give players the ability to create their own slime minions?

This would be a necromancer skill, 'brew slime', probably in the Animation tree, or its own tree. There could be several subskills as well to make specific kinds of slimes, or there can be a randomized system like potions.

brew slime
  brew elemental slime
  brew blood slime
    brew acidic slime

Brewing a slime is instantaneous. The slime immediately comes to be, so, unlike other brewables, slimes cannot be bottled for future use.

Creating a slime would require at least 5 spellcomps, though up to two herbs may be substituted.  Weight is immaterial - a newly born slime might absorb surrounding materials or even inflate itself with air to gain mass. The color would be random, perhaps based on the colors of brewed potions. They do splat damage.

Basic slimes would be type MAGIC BLOB, and generally have medium hitpoints and low AC but relatively fast regeneration. Being alchemical in nature, they would be highly resistant to poison.

Elemental slimes require at least 3 spellcomps all having the same elemental affinity. The resulting slime would have a secondary attack with a 50% dualprob that did the appropriate elemental damage, but no resistance to that element.

Blood slimes require the addition of the caster's blood, maybe around 1/5 their total hitpoints. They are always red in color. They have more hitpoints and higher regeneration than an ordinary slime, but have reduced resistance to poison.

Acidic slimes require at least 2 poison flagged spellcomps. The resulting slime is the same as an ordinary slime, except its attacks do acidic damage.

Slimes take up slightly more control points than other animated minions. Unlike other minions, slimes do not consume mana. They do, however, have limited life spans, perhaps no more than an hour or so of RL time.

Nothing special there.
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