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Author Topic: A couple 37+ spell ideas  (Read 2530 times)
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« on: July 24, 2014, 05:44:06 pm »

At high levels, mages reach the limits of how much elemental energy can safely be channeled by a mortal. For level 37+ mage spells, they
turn their art towards creating exotic effects with magics they have already mastered:

frost shatter -- this spell can only be cast on a character that has been ice imprisoned. It causes the ice to rapidly expand and shatter, doing significant crushing, slashing and ice damage to the target (% based so repeated imprison/shatters become less profitable). The ice imprison effect is ended instantly. This should probably not be castable by mobs.

conflagration -- this spell can only be used on a character under the DoT effects of fireweb. It causes the clinging fire to flare up, ending the DoT in an explosion that damages and disorients the target. Bits of the elemental fire are flung outward and can start the fireweb DoT effect on other nearby targets the caster is fighting.

Cleric curse:

wither -- this curse reduces the target's max hitpoints by 5-15%. It has a high mana cost but has a moderately long duration.

Nothing special there.
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