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Author Topic: warrior and thief minions  (Read 2465 times)
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« on: August 22, 2014, 06:26:48 pm »

A few rough ideas for warrior and thief minions. effectively these are mercenaries and require gold to hire and maintain their services.   Gold will be deducted on creation (base cost) and per time unit (in game hour?).  When the player runs out of on hand gold the minion will leave the group.  Mercenaries are typically highly trained so should be sturdier than the average minion.  These are mainly employed as support/hitter troops so maybe should be made notank.

Warrior minions:-

leadershipbase skill needed to hire minions gives moral boost when leading groups.
hire archerstands at the back of group so lower chance of been targeted.  Steady consistent rate of covering fire. lightly armored.
hire berserker   similar to ghouls, fast good rate of damage and goes berserk in battle.
hire lancerheavy slow but when lands does a lot of damage.   Well armored and has defenses and attacks against dragons.

Thief minions:-

mastermindbase skill needed to hire minions, group members receive a charisma boost when character is leading.
hire pickpocket   assists with or boost pickpocking/shoplifting etc
hire assassinperm sneaky/darken/invisible trips/bloodlet stab etc can be ordered to backstab.
hire grenadiercan throw bombs at mobs and into adjacent rooms when out of ammo takes some time to restock. comes in different flavors like skeleton mages.

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