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Author Topic: future directions for tactics  (Read 3569 times)
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« on: January 06, 2017, 12:31:07 am »

Hi everyone, It's good to be back after such a long break.
I wanted to just throw an Idea out there about the tactics tree for warrior for down the road

Special Tactics: part of the tactics tree, you can find special combinations of moves, some cross class even that when completed, created a single move or special. Some may rely on specific weapons or equipment to be created or more effective, such as armor items with damage, or shield/wield combinations. The special could be found through using the combinations, and not necessarily be a strict representation of them. Such as learning a headbutt special from charge/bash/knockback just as an example. What may set the special apart from regularly trained skills is that, like tactic combinations, still may have several steps to it that inflict damage. The downside for some of them may be that you have to wait until the special is complete before you can retreat. The benefit being a more condensed attack than a completed tactic, meaning more damage/time. After the special is found, it would need to be trained and improved, perhaps just by use, or with the aid of a trainer and the use of combat points. the special would then be a part of the tactics tree.

another thought is including magic in the mix - spells like shard storm, harm, turn, or lightning for example that are combined with the special. This may require changes to cross class tactics, or another branch from cross class tactics.

What do you think?

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