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Author Topic: Alter Eon Economy  (Read 4150 times)
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« on: December 05, 2017, 07:21:41 pm »


I'm a level 47 character who's just started doing level 24 or so areas. I'm afraid I forget their exact names.

Up to now, things have been pretty easy, but now one or two combats wil drain mine and my companion's mana so that we spend more time resting than doing anything else. My primary class is druid, with levels of cleric, mage and thief thrown in in that order.

I tend to call the most powerful animal companion I can, while my necromancer companion uses a zombie and possibly a demon. My primary offensive spell is Flame Strike, seeing as it seems to offer the best mana-damage ratio at the moment.

Anyway, a helpful player told me that most of my equipment was entry level and that I would need to upgrade it before going further and I'm certainly starting to feel the inadequacies in that area. My question is, how do I go about upgrading?

Mana regen items and cast level items are certainly important. I need to improve my mana regen. Thing is that most of the items I find only improve it by two points at most and have few other stats and, of course, it's important to boost other stats as well. I'm reluctant to swap items that improve my saves for mana regen items so I guess I'm asking what the most important stats are, but there's a bigger problem.

By sacrificing corpses and completing quests, you only get a couple of hundred gold a time if you're lucky, whereas everything in the shops, everything that isn't potions that is, costs thousands, I only have 7000 gold and change. Selling things in the shops seems to be worse by far. I valued some chain mail sleaves I was waring, and the shopkeeper blithely told me that they were worth 3000 or so gold but that he would only give me 25 for them. It seems that this is a pattern - that shopkeepers will only buy things for around 1% of the price, which hardly makes it worth recalling every time your inventory is full to sell stuff and then walking back to where you were, particularly since you have to go to so many different shops to sell different classes of item.

I've thought about auctioning stuff, but I don't have a handle on what things sell well on there yet. No-one's gone for the two items I tried putting up there so far.

So what are the best ways to get gold and buy equipment and, having bought it, how do you recoup the gold you've spent in a reasonable time?

Should I be using a weapon for the times when my mana runs out or would I be better with a totem?

Thanks so much for any help you can offer a confused rooky.
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